Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 13

Day 13

Today, I helped a study day 1 go off pretty darn well.  After it, one of the girls came up, asked me if it was my first time in China, how I was liking it, then put her arm around me and said, "don't go"—it was terribly sweet.  I felt like they didn't really care for me, you know?  I mean, they already know the functions; I'm just teaching them better processes.  In other words: stepping on their toes.  So to have her say that, it meant a lot.  Like I'm really making a difference here.

When I first got here, I saw places like McDonald's, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut… and thought, who the EFF would eat at a place like that?  You're in frickin' CHINA and you're going to eat a BURGER??  Well, I'll tell you who eats at those places.  *this girl* does.  I had Pizza Hut for dinner, and it was phenomenal.  I'll liken it to eating hamburgers every day for two weeks—you'd want a change, right?  Perhaps some Chinese take-out to spice things up?  Well, I'm in the opposite boat.  I've had Chinese food every day for 2 weeks (except for my chimichanga day—but we don't talk about that), and I wanted a break.  I also bought a piece of French chocolate cake to have for dessert tonight.  I'm stoked.  If I have to eat it with my fingers, I'm going to.  You can bet on it.  Thing is, being in China shrinks your belly.  I ate two pretty tiny pieces of pizza and I was STUFFED.  Charlie, too.  So we split the leftovers (two more pieces each) and I'm totally looking forward to cold pizza for breakfast!

I also bought a few things for Boyfriend tonight!  I'm so excited.  He was the hardest person to shop for.  But I did it!  I finally started finding things for him :-) and it makes me happy, too!  But while I'm looking for his souvenirs, I had a really hard time tearing myself away from these gorgeous engraved metal bracelets… for me… so I had to remind myself who I was shopping for.  A number of times.



  1. Well of course you are making a difference!

    Engraved metal bracelet....ooohh....

  2. So ready for you to be back so I can hear all about your adventures! It looks like you are having a blast! Hang in there on the homesickness. You'll be so glad you did this!



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