Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 14

Day 14

Today was great.  But I'm tired and so I'm not going to tell all of it.  Maybe I'll catch up on it later.

My kiddos did great in their day 2 of the study, and they had 6 techs along with 4 sponsors and the study director in the room.  Didn't even flinch.  I was so proud!

I trained people on dog stuff.  I missed dogs.  They did great also.  They have good technique, we just have to get them to speed it up a little in some areas.

I trained with Charlie on monkeys.  Ooohhh-eeey.  Monkeys are interesting little creatures.  They aren't mean, or aggressive, but they're stronger than any man, and squirrely little things.  Which means, I'm a great doser, but I absolutely SUCK at catching them.  I let the first one get out—and we chased it for about 7 minutes, all while Charlie and I are both covered in monkey poo.  That's right, monkey poo.  You haven't lived until you've been covered in monkey poo in China, I'm tellin' you.  I caught the second one successfully, then let the third one loose.  Crap.  This one was much harder to catch.  At one point, a tech had climbed on top of the cages to catch it, but the monkeys can jump from cage to cage, then go down behind them, then go under them, then jump back to the top of the other set of cages… basically, this one just wore down, so we were able to catch it.  Then, Tyler made me prove that I had caught one before he came in to see, so I have to catch the fourth one.  I was so terrified—I was NOT in the mood to chase another one!  Well, I grabbed this one good from the start, but he started chewing on my thumb.  Luckily, I'm wearing these welder gloves, so it's thicker leather and it just feels like a little pinch.  I got him out, and totally looked like I knew what I was doing.  But truth be told, it was fun and I'm just fine dosing and not catching them.

For dinner tonight, I went to the hotel restaurant.  Had a nice conversation with my waiter—he said that Christmas here in China only started really a few years ago, and it's more a holiday for boyfriends and girlfriends than for families and kids.  And of course, not church-related at all.  Anyways, I ordered spaghetti.  Someone, please send a memo to China and let them know that there is supposed to be tomatoes in spaghetti, k?  Thanks.  (PS, Uncle George?  I am requesting your famous spaghetti for when I return and visit you guys that first weekend)  :-)


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