Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 15

Day 15

I have a really short blog tonight.

I am still feeling homesick, and I'm almost halfway done with my trip.  Almost.  I picked up my coat tonight, and it's beautiful.  I love the silk I picked for the lining—I was worried that the colors wouldn't really match, but it looks good.  If I could do it over, I probably wouldn't get the cotton liner inside it.  It's super duper warm.  I won't even have to wear a sweater with it!  Well, Chris says it's cold in Dallas, so that's good.  Cause it's not too cold here, but still cool enough in the mornings for me to wear it.  It'll look really cute with my Burberry purse, I tell ya.

Okay.  It's all of 8:00, and I think I'm going to go to bed.  I'm just really worn out tonight.  Sorry so short.


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  1. Today's the big day. I'm sure you're asleep by now but be thinking of me. I'm TRES nervous and am not even going into work because I can't focus. The appointment is this afternoon and it's only 7:00 AM right now. BLARG. I hate waiting.


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