Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 18

Day 18 (AKA the halfway point!!)

I had a pretty chill day today.  Woke up early, got to talk to mom and dad and Brian on skype, then talked to Chris for a while also.  Went back to bed (sorta—laid there and watched tv til noon), then went on a walk.  Headed for the dumpling place for lunch, and had fried dumplings and wonton soup ($1.20).  It was a little different wonton soup though—there were itty bitty shrimp in it.  I mean, about ½ cm long.  I didn't even realize I was eating them til halfway through.  They still had eyes and everything.  It was a little weird.  Then I took the long way home—stopped at a convenience store and got some snacks ($2.00), then found a fruit market and got three oranges for $.02.  Two cents.  Amazing.  Found a candy store and grabbed a few fruit snacks, then some sweet rolls from a bakery.  Came back to the hotel and watched more movies.  I just finished Zombieland.  It was pretty funny!  I enjoyed it.  And now, it's all of 7:15pm, and I'm fixin' to call it a night.  I'll turn on some tv for a little while, or maybe just read instead, and get rested up for another wonderful week.


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  1. You said "fixin'". Awesome. We're rubbing off on you. You can't escape it!

    BTW, the boy is STILL hurting my back.


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