Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 19

Day 19

What I've learned so far in China:

1)      Don't look at what you're eating if you're really hungry.  For that matter, don't chew it.

2)      Overseas Dragon should be called Magic Dragon because it's delicious and they have a menu in English.

3)      Just because they say "yes" doesn't mean they mean it.

4)      If you don't learn to eat with chopsticks, you will starve.

5)      If you do learn to eat with chopsticks, you will lose 10 lbs.

6)      Some of them speak better English than they imply.  Be careful.

7)      $2.00 for dinner is a lot.  Shop around before you eat!

8)      If you don't say something with the right pronunciation, they won't always correct you.  You have to ask for that.

9)      50 degrees really means 30 degrees and freezing rain.

10)   Chinese are fast.  They are also cheap.  This does not necessarily mean they are efficient.


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