Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 20

Day 20

Chinese hospitality rivals Southern hospitality.  For reals.  On the way home tonight, I stopped at the local Kedi.  Kedi seems to be like a 7-11 or something.  This one's actually called 942, but I call it "the other Kedi".  They've started to know me there, as I often stop for drinks or a noodle pot on the way home.  A noodle pot is just a really big Cup O' Noodle.  Well, today, it's stinkin' cold.  I mean, see-your-breath-freezing-rain cold.  Brrrr.  Today, as I stand in front of the wall of noodles (seriously—they have about 40 different flavors, and I can't read a single one.  I just try to get a different color each time) the one cashier with cute hair came and picked one out for me.  She tried telling me something, but I obviously didn't understand.  She spoke Chinese, duh.  Anyways, she took it to the front, and as the other cashier was checking me out (I also picked up some "Mexican Tomato Flavor Lay's"), the first girl started opening my package.  I figured she was going to try to tell me how to do it.  Nope!  She made it for me!  She added water and then microwaved it.  It wasn't worth arguing with her, trying to tell her I'd do it at home.  Plus, carrying the warm noodle pot for half a block ended up being much better than keeping my hands in my pocket, with the temps being near 30 and the whole freezing rain stuff.

It's spicy.  I'm eating it while I type this.  It's good.  I'm looking forward to trying the chips a little later.  So far, the flavors have been pretty interesting.  I say "so far", but I've only had "French Red Meat Flavor Lay's".  Haha.  I love the flavor names.  I haven't gotten brave enough to try the blueberry or kiwi flavor potato chips yet.

I had a meeting with my boss while I'm here today, and he said that the techs are having a really great reaction to me being there.  With the whole cultural-differences thing, I'd been a little nervous about my reception.  They like me more than the trainer that was here before me, he said.  It made me really happy, since the techs aren't very emotional at all, so you really don't know what they're thinking.

I suppose that's all for now.  Since I've been here, I learned that my gramma got rushed to the hospital for heart failure.  She got out of the hospital last night (today?  Dang time change) and mom says she's doing much better.  She has oxygen at home, but only needs it at night so that's a good thing.  Also, I'm getting sick of watching National Geographic, because that's really the only thing on.  Well, the only thing in English, besides HBO and Cinemax, and they don't ever have anything good on.  Scratch that.  I just turned to HBO and 10,000 BC is about to start.  I think I know what I'm doing tonight.  Night, all.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your Grandma. Hope she continues to improve.

    Try all those neat sounding chips. Yum.

    Glad you are such a hit with the workers!!! And why wouldn't you be anyway?!! You are da bomb.


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