Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 21

Day 21

Nothing news worthy to tell about tonight, except that I bought a music box.  And it's not even Chinese!  It's a Christmas tree, with two teddy bears, a stocking, some presents, and a giant snowflake that is the winder for it.  I love it and am using it for my Christmas tree here in China since I'll be here well past the 25th.  Everyone else is starting to leave.  Tyler left last week, along with Bob and Brian.  Jim left today, and Charlie leaves on Friday.  After that, it'll just be me, Simon and Peter.  But Peter doesn't go out or anything, so that doesn't really count.  Simon and I are planning on shopping this weekend, starting at stone road (the old, touristy area) and heading towards Guan Qian (the upscale place, where I had my coat made).  He wants to walk the whole way, but I'll have to see how my ankle is feeling.  If you remember, I'm still recovering from that horrible tendon accident just a few months ago.

Charlie and I went to the dumpling place for dinner, then took the long way home, looking for shoes for Charlie's wife.  Along the way, we were peeking inside windows of restaurants, and at one, there were some guys walking in the street and they said, "no, no, no!"—so we took that to mean that wasn't a good restaurant.  In reply, we said, "xie xie" (thank you!).  I'm proud to have known that!  Anyways, on the way home, we of course stopped at the kedi.  Charlie got sodas and I got a Dove chocolate bar.  The ladies in there were really excited about something when we walked in, and kept smiling at me, trying to make hand gestures to say what they wanted to say—but they kept making it look like they were laughing at my hair or something, so I asked Charlie and he said my hair was fine… I'm still confused, but they seemed happy, so I'm okay.  I love that there are a few places around here that already know me—of course, they're places like the kedi and the dumpling restaurant :-)


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  1. Hey Dude,
    Soundslike your having a great time there. You are missed here btw. You aren't missing too much just the caos before the holidays. Talk to you soon:)



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