Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 22

Day 22

Okay.  I've been in China for three weeks now, and have written (almost) every day.  Each day, I've written some sort of "woo-hoo-look-at-me-I'm-living-in-China" blog.  My plan tonight was to write more of an "about me" blog, since I've gotten a few new readers who know I'm in China, but don't know much about me.  *However*… I've had quite a day to write about today.  Actually, it sort of started last night…

I decided to start living (for one day) like I'm actually staying in this phenomenal, 5-star hotel.  I scheduled a room-service breakfast.  I decided not to go with the continental breakfast or with the US breakfast.  When in Rome, ya know.  So, breakfast was rice porridge, jasmine tea, two preserved vegetables, steamed pork bun, and barbecue pork crisp.  Actually, there were some other steamed buns that just came with the meal.  It was… well… interesting.  I would have loved the rice porridge if there was just a touch of sugar in it.  I didn't touch the vegetables (they scared me), the plain steamed buns were delicious.  There was one steamed bun that was filled with something green, and that scared me, too.  The jasmine tea was phenomenal, and I'm super glad that I've already purchased some to take home.  Then, before I left for work, I packed up some laundry and ordered a laundry service. 

On the way to my room, I stopped in the hotel restaurant to order some food to be delivered to my room.  Got the second dinner listed—amazing corn chowder, steamed rice, a sort of garlic chicken (no bones!!), and English tea.  While ordering my dinner, I met a man named Peter who is from Canada, but he's got to be a billionaire or something.  He's taking a trip through China for like three months, and he has a tour guide.  He never picks where to eat, or what to order.  He just goes where they tell him to, takes pictures, and enjoys it.  Wow.  He was quite a pleasant fellow, but I think he had almost an Australian accent.  Not Canadian, so I'm confused. 

Anyways, I got back to my room, and my food was delivered right away.  As I greeted them at the door, I checked my closet and whaddya know—I had a closet full of clean clothes.  That's right, I sent everything out for cleaning.  It's a pretty nice feeling, this livin' the high life.  But that's the last time I do that—I'm saving my money for shopping for tourist things and then for eating salad when I get home.



  1. So what the eff is up with some "Austraidian" billionare making moves on my woman?? I should hire a ninja assasin to take him down!! Hahaha. Glad your're living the high life. Gotta say, I'm a little dissapointed in your choices. I mean, laundry service, good. Room service, great. But you're in a 5 star hotel and you're not going to get your self a massage or a manicure or something? Dude, I'd be all over that if I was there. But I suppose you get a pass since you have a fantastic boyfriend that will totally give you a phenomenal massage when you get back. I'll give you the 5-star treatment. ;-) Ok, I realize that sounded a little dirty. Haha

  2. Chris, you make me gag. Just kidding.

    But the green stuff in the bun does kinda make me gag. And some Canadians have sort of a Scottish accent. I don't know why but they do, so maybe it was more Canadiascottish or something.

    I totally want Souper Salad right now. Alas, there are none in Arkansas.

  3. Hey Erin,
    I'm one of those people that don't know you very well but am following your blog. I work with your mom in Butler and love reading all about your exciting adventures. I guess I should get a life of my own but until then I will keep reading. You are much braver than I would be in all the things you have been eating.

  4. Maybe the dude was from close to Nova Scotia...


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