Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 27

Day 27

What a fun evening.  I took the early bus in so that I could take the early bus home.  I had plans with Shusheng and Qizhi (pronounced CHE-jzuh—I had to work on that one) to go shopping.  They wer super excited about taking me to a new store—turns out it's really just a store like Super Target.  It opened about 5 days ago, so it's brand new.  It was pretty neat!  They knew I wanted candy, so they had such a great time finding it for me.  We went to the bulk section and they had fun picking out stuff for me.  I am pretty sure the only people that have more candy than me right now are those who own a candy store!  It's okay.  As long as I can get it home, I'll have a ton of stuff for my friends at work and also for the kiddos at church.  They kept trying to talk me into getting things like frozen dumplings, meat sticks, all kinds of things.  They did talk me into getting a dragon fruit, but just because it's so neat looking.  I'll have a good time opening that tomorrow evening and trying it.  I took pictures again!  Lots of pictures of things just in the store, but also me and the two techs.  They were so sweet to take me out.  Plus, I spent so much money that I got a bag of rice for free—haha.  I gave that to Qizhi, seeing as I don't need it in the hotel room.  They tried talking me into cooking it in my kettle while I'm here  :-)

That's all for today.  It's all of 6pm and I think I'll lay down and watch National Geographic channel for just a while then read before going to bed early.  I was up really early today—remember, I took the early bus.  It was a productive day at work again.  Started a training program that will last a week.  Guess what happens at the end of that week-long training?  I go home :-)

See you soon!
Pictures:  Shusheng and Qizhi, and me with dragon fruit.



  1. Good finally a picture of you in Chinatown!!:)

  2. It's about time you showed your face around here.

    That dragon fruit looks sorta like a pomegranate.

    Guess what I woke up to today...cankles. And I'm waddling. Oy.


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