Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 28-29

Day 28-29

(AKA Christmas Eve in Suzhou)

Yesterday I heard from my mom that I forgot to write a blog.  Oops.  Sorry.  There wasn't much to write about anyways.  I had my favorite steamed buns for dinner.  Work was work.  That's all.

Now, today.  Christmas Eve party here at work.  It was fun!  It only lasted an hour, but they had entertainment and everything.  Some sorta famous Chinese singer who was extremely tacky and a dance group of three girls that would have lost a high school dance competition.  I got video of it.  Oh, and during the guy singing, a girl came and was yelling in my ear, asking if I'd help with passing out candy dressed as Santa—wait, what??  Yep.  That's what she asked me.  So when the time came, she got me and brought me into the back room to dress up as Santa.  Beard and everything.  Then I was corralled to the front of the auditorium and handed stockings filled with Rocher candy—and told to throw them into the crowd.  Everyone loved me for throwing candy!  But poor things—to all of these people, candy and shopping is what Christmas is about.  They don't know the real Christmas. 

I'm attaching pictures.  Simon at dinner last night, me dressed as Santa, maybe some others.

Hope everyone enjoys Christmas.  With your families.  I'll be alone.  No biggie.



  1. Awwww. When you get this, it will be Christmas for you. It's still just Christmas Eve for us. Sorry you have to be alone but you will be home soon!

    I still have cankles, if that makes you feel any better, although water and elevating my feet above my heart last night helped tremendously. Hard to sit like that at work though. I'm working until noon then I'm outta here.


  2. Merry Christmas Erin! Don't feel bad, we will be spending Christmas day at the hospital with my husband's great aunt. We have to realize that December 25th is just a day. The real issue is the birth of our Lord. And whenever we are able to gather with family, that is Christmas! Right? Right!

    Love the Santa suit!


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