Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 32

Day 32

Shanghai, part deux.

We took the train to Shanghai again today!  How wonderful.  Also, since it was just Simon and me, we weren't in a hurry to see things, or to get places, and I had nothing left to buy, so we were just there to take pictures and enjoy it. 

We started out getting a taxi to go to the dumpling place, which is a great place to do some tourist-trap shopping (remember, I didn't need to buy anything—and I didn't!) and take some good pictures.  When we were done with the dumplings, we went to Starbucks to get a coffee because it had just started raining.  These British people came in (ugh) and drove me nuts.  They came in acting like they invented Starbucks, and the one man was trying to take a picture of a little kid when his wife (?) started clicking her tongue.  He said, "it's not a bloody dog, Margaret!"—at which point I nearly choked on my coffee because it made me laugh.

Next, we went to the Science and Technology museum, also known as the amazing underground shopping area (below the museum).  Well, no, we didn't go to the museum.  We went shopping.  While Simon was looking at some sweaters, I went to the store next door that had all sorts of Chinese boxes and stuff.  I saw some dominos and was looking at them, when the lady came over and tries to start bargaining with me.  Well, remember, I don't need to buy anything.  Besides, they're not exactly what I want—they're plain on the back instead of having something Chinese-like.  Well, she gets upset that I'm not bargaining back with her, so when I try to leave, she shoves it into my hands and grabs my elbow.  That's what they do.  They grab you so that you don't leave without buying something.  Well, I'M NOT BUYING, so I set the dominos down and tell her no.  As I set them down, she punches me in the head.  I can't make this up, people.  She takes her knuckles and smacks me on the side of my head.  Simon had came in right then, and as I yell "hey!" at her, he grabs me and we leave her store right away.  Serious?  What the heck?!  Simon and I laughed about it later, but it was a little… weird.

We walked all around the area then, finding new and exciting places.  Places like Coldstone, Subway, and Krispy Kreme.  No joke.  The Hot/Fresh sign was even lit at Krispy Kreme.  Haha.  Well, since we have tons of time, we make no hurry to get back to the train station for our 7:20 return train.  We even get there with plenty of time, so we peek in a Shanghai Special Foods store, which is just like a grocery store.  Simon was looking for beef jerky, and I was just checking out all the different foods.  We stayed in there for about 20 minutes, and when we were leaving the store, it was about 6:30.  I asked Simon to wait, saying I needed to get out my train ticket now.  I got it out and was reading it, and asked Simon where it said 7:20 (our departure time)—and the rest of the conversation went like this:

Simon: Right there.  18:19.  That's 7:20.

Me: No, that's 6:20.

Simon: No, that's 7:20.

Me: Simon.  Take 12 and add 7 to it.  That would be 19:20.

Simon: Um, crap.  Crap.  Crap.  Crap.

Me: So, we missed our train?  Again?

Simon: Yep.

It didn't end up being a big deal.  We found a window at the ticket sales that spoke English, so we were able to exchange our tickets for ones that had a departure of 19:47 (that's 7:47, if you were wondering.  Haha.) and it was still the fast train—remember last time we missed our train and it ended up sitting on the track for something like three hours, because we got the slow train?  Yeah.  Not cool.  Simon kept going off about how everyone should use AM or PM instead of this stupid 24-hour clock.  I tried telling him it wasn't that difficult to read it, but oh, well.

So, I got home not too long ago.  Instead of writing my blog right away, I soaked my aching legs in a hot tub.  It felt wonderful.  Now I'm going to Skype my parents, then go to sleep.


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  1. That lady is lucky that I wasn't there with you. I would have so gotten in her face! Of course, I'd probably be in jail right now cause I would have popped her right upside the head just like she did to you! Glad you're ok. What a friggin' tranny hooker!


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