Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 6

Day 6

Guess what I had for breakfast today?  Well, of course the oatmeal in my hotel, but when I got to work… Christmas Blend coffee from Starbucks :-)  It made me so happy.  Plus, Tyler makes the coffee thick as molasses, so it was even more phenomenal.

I took the early bus in (6:30am), which meant I had a good two hours to get work done before most of the office showed up.  Even at 6:38 I could tell it was going to be a relatively pretty day.  And sure enough, the sun was out again!  Well, as much as it can.  I definitely saw blue skies, and if there wasn't smog, there would not have been a cloud in the sky.

I found an online Christmas radio station, and had it playing in my office all day—even when I was in the lab.  The first song that played was "Come Home for Christmas", and it made me a little sad.  That played first when Chris and I listened to the Christmas weekend on 94.9 in Dallas also.

Chris, when I get home, can I have a mega shoulder rub?  I have huge knots in both shoulders because I can't adjust the chair at my desk and it's just a wrong height.  :-(  Thanks, hun

Tonight after work, a group of us went to a pig roast.  Well, they roasted the pig ahead of time, and we had it along with a bunch of side dishes.  I think the side dishes are called dim sum here.  The pictures I'm including today are:

·         A horrible shot of the beautiful full moon

·         A close-up of the pig from dinner

·         An "after" shot of the food we had.  Sorry I didn't get one of the full table.  They serve things weird here.  Like, they don't wait for everyone's food to be ready before they bring things out, same for all of these dim sum dishes.  They just make it, then bring it.



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  1. Hmmm, interesting. The pig especially. Sounds like you are settling in and enjoying things. And it sounds like all the food is delicious.


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