Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 8

Day 8

What a day.  Well, actually, what a NIGHT!!

The day first.  It was more clear than yesterday.  Well, it was basically impossible to not be, after yesterday's fog.  It was a good day.  I had a bunch of meetings and wasn't in the lab as much as I'd hoped to be.  I had a meeting at 10 with the VP of Toxicology.  After two people heard I had this appointment, they made a point to come to my office to sort of warn me about him.  Well, after the meeting, I could tell about some of the stuff they talked about, but mainly I saw that the guy is straight-up business.  He invited me to dinner, and, well, I had to accept.  You don't turn down the VP of Tox.

I rode to the restaurant in his BWM with his driver.  Totally felt like I was getting special treatment, as everyone else got on the bus to go home.  We actually ate in my hotel.  I was skeptical, as I'd heard that the restaurant isn't that good.  Well, we went to the upscale, upstairs restaurant.  And that wasn't good enough, so we got a private room.  We ordered enough food for approximately 10 people, and it was just Brian, Charlie and me.  And, see, I couldn't even use the "there's starving kids in China" line.  You know, since I'm in China… nevermind.

It was great.  We had: wonton soup, fried fish, salted preserved shrimp, marinated beef, lamb and yams, tofu skin noodley-things, a big plate of veggies (eggplant, pumpkin, corn, edamame, and mini blue potato things), hot fish soup, and eel with garlic.  I'm pretty sure I ate a bulb of garlic.  That's right, not a clove, a bulb.  And the eel was interesting.  It looks like single ribs, about 2" long.  But it was eel.  Skin on and everything.  So when you're done eating it, there's a giant backbone in the middle of it.  It was yummy, but really weird.  And the restaurant was so fancy that as soon as my plate got just a little dirty, they exchanged it for a brand new plate.  Hmmm.

Anyways, that's really all I have to say tonight.  I'm super tired and would like to take the early bus tomorrow.  I miss home, and my Christmas music just seems so out of place; I may as well be listening to it in June or something.  But tonight, in the hotel lobby, they'd added Christmas-style glass bulbs (big ones though) and snowflakes to their interesting lighted chandelier.  I was a bit happier after seeing that.


  1. Dear Erin, please quit tempting me with your delicious Chinese cuisine (except for the eel). I have been craving Chinese since you left and haven't had it at all.


    Haha. Just kidding. You can still talk about it. But seriously, I am craving it. So, thanks.

  2. I love chinese food, and agree with Leann that I'd really love to have some! And how special are you?!! to get to eat dinner with the VP. Can I have your autograph?


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