Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day... Home!

Hey, hey, hey!!

Yep. Can't stop now.

I got into the US at 8:45 am yesterday (west coast time), and into
Dallas around 4. Went to Souper Salad for dinner, but at that point I
had been traveling for 22 hours and awake for 25, so I just wasn't
feeling it. Came home and got an awesome "early" Christmas gift- a
beautiful vase-slash-centerpiece from Chris, to hold the gorgeous
bouquet of lilies he gave me at the airport *sigh*. Then got a
massage, which pretty much put me to sleep by 7. I heard scary noises
at 8:30, an had to get up to investigate everything myself cause Chris
was obvi at his place. It ended up being my neighbors playing with
beer bottles or something. Ugh.

Went back to sleep by 9, but sat up wide-awake at 1am. Chris texted me
at 2:30 (I still don't know why he was awake) and we went to IHOP at
3am. I basically love my life. He went home to sleep more before work,
but I was wide awake so I went through all of my purchases from China-
I got a lot of stuff! Anyways. Separated it all by who it's for, that
sort of thing. Got Chris' Christmas gifts ready to wrap, then watched
the news. I just now move back to the bedroom, in the hopes of more
sleeps during the day- cause we've got a big night planned- it's New
Year's Eve!

I'll blog tomorrow about resolutions, you can count on it. Goodnight
(she said, at nearly 8am)!

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  1. It's pretty friggin' sweet to have you home! Can't wait for tonight and this weekend! Fun fun fun. :-)


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