Saturday, December 5, 2009

Days 10 and 11 (part 1)

Day 10
Went to Shanghai today.  Without telling the story of the whole day, I ate dumplings, went shopping, went shopping, had dinner, missed my train, sat on a train for 2 hours, then came home 3 hours after planned.  Instead of writing much, I'm just attaching a bunch of pictures :-)  I did do some shopping.  Bought myself a pearl ring, a Burberry purse, and a silk scarf.  Got a few other presents that I can't talk about on here because the people they're for read this.

Day 11
I'm still sick.  So, I'm staying in the hotel room today, watching National Geographic channel and reading in my pj's all day.  Going to have some chicken broth for dinner.

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