Friday, December 31, 2010

mt crumpet??

the other day, i made myself a bowl of ice cream.

since it's the holidays, i scooped some peppermint (yum!) ice cream into a small ice cream bowl.

then i got out the chocolate shell (because no peppermint bowl is complete without it).

and after i put the chocolate shell on, i noticed this:

don't you think my ice cream looks a lot like mt crumpit?
use your imagination.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

what really gets under my skin

no, don't worry. this isn't one of those "what irritates me" posts. it's just a general complaint with the human race. specifically, americans. myself included.

i get so tired of people wanting to adopt a kid from overseas.
and sponsoring a child in malaysia.
and sending money and food to haiti.

because, dude, there are problems right here.

i'm all for fulfilling our moral duty to help people out. but why cross over to other places while there is still so much wrong in our own country? in our own state? right down the road??

adopt locally. it's cheaper. some states offer free services when you adopt from within your state. help out at a local food bank. volunteer at a homeless shelter. leave the overseas missions and out-of-country help to people who feel spiritually called to do that. focus on helping our own country.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the day after christmas

no, we didn't hit up a lot of sales or anything. we went to target to get a wreath box and a wrapping paper box for pretty much a "buy-one-get-one-free" sale price.
we also went to walmart. for nothing important. and for some groceries.

then we ate lunch out at a place called bob's burgers. we'd seen this place every time we went to the grocery store, and it's like a burger king-- in that i'm pretty sure they purposely dismiss their flame-broiled smell into the air of the parking lot, to make you crave their food.

it was awesome. a real, fire-grilled burger for chris.

and nachos for me. except that the nachos were so humongous that i only ate less than half of them. i'm planning on putting the rest in the oven to eat at a later date. yum. yum.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

yay, coffee!

you know what i love about my husband?

that he gets up earlier than me and makes coffee. then he hears me get up and get in the shower, and when i get out, there's a lovely cup of coffee waiting for me.

he's pretty great.

Monday, December 27, 2010

lovely first christmas together

aw, what a great christmas. i love days like this with homemade new breakfast casseroles.
recipe coming soon on the other blog.

and messes made from being a truly blessed family.

and getting everything you hoped for.

and things you didn't hope for.

and then some.

and having a husband who puts down his texas pride to make his wife happy.

and getting SUPER excited at something like garlic paste.

and sitting in your pjs until 3pm while snacking on last night's relish tray.

then going to the movies.

we couldn't agree on what to see. he wanted true grit, i wanted black swan.
so we settled on little fockers. it was funny.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas

i hope your day is filled with love, friends, family, and as many peppermint sticks as you can eat.

merry christmas, everyone.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

a dying what??

let me set the scene for you:

it was a chilly, but beautiful evening. date night. those are always lovely. husband and i had planned to go to southlake, where we would walk the square, take some photos, and enjoy a casual dinner together. probably get some dessert, too.

because it's the holiday season, the christmas station is on.

my favorite christmas song is playing. so i sing along.

husband said, "geez!! you sound like a dying yak!!"

well, i'd like to be upset about it, but i can't really argue with him. while i've never thought of a "dying yak" when i hear myself, i know it's definitely not a beautiful sound.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like... June?

I love December. I love Christmas and hot cocoa and scarves and snow and stews from the crock pot and...

Open sun roofs?

This is not December. Can't be. When it's 82 degrees at 3pm? We broke a record yesterday for the high of 79, and today it's even warmer. Our high today was 85. EIGHTY FIVE.

I'm not happy about this. I want winter. Gee, thanks, Al Gore. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

date night

i can't wait to tell you about this amazing date night that i had with husband recently. we had seen this restaurant near our new place when we moved in, and it had wine bottles outside of it. we love wine, so that works out great. doing zero research at all, we assumed it was a bistro. or an italian place. who knows. so we went. and we were extremely surprised! it turns out, it's a souffle restaurant.

wow. what? yep. it's also a green restaurant. i forgot to take the menu home (it has the whole story of the restaurant on in), but i can give you a little of the story. we drank water from glasses made from wine bottles, and wine from glasses made from beer bottles. the silverware is all antique silver (real silver. dude.), and the plates are made from recycled glass. all of the linen is antique french stuff. and wait til we get to the bathrooms.

but first, the night in pictures.

we sat at the kitchen. it was like sitting at the bar in another restaurant, but instead of watching a bartender, we got to watch them make souffles. it was so fun!

real silver. antique.

the "rise no 1 salad"-- greens, blue cheese, apples, pecans, and a sweet vinaigrette. delish.

they gave us a bread guillotine. but the knife was dull.
 i didn't get a photo of our dinners, but i had a truffle and mushroom souffle, and husband had a crabmeat souffle. they were both amazing. his had more flavor initially, but mine was better with each bite.

skip to dessert. we devoured the dinner so fast that i forgot to get a photo. but here's our delicious chocolate souffle.

husband ordered coffee and it came on its own tray.

weird, but i just had to show you the bathroom. you pull the handle to flush.

anyone read french? what's this say?

communal sink. with soap on a stick. and linens. i told you, it's green!

as we left, they gave us a "thought for the night"

and, we passed a brand new cupcake place that was closing for the night. the raspberry cupcake was my breakfast the next day.
the price was, well, a bit steep. so we won't be going back soon, but we will definitely be back. maybe for an anniversary or something.

Monday, December 20, 2010

in my bag

i love purses. but that's another post. for today, i'll show you what's in my purse. i know, lots of people have done this type of post before. i never claimed to be original, did i?

my wallet. of course. the playbill from our last theater visit, how the grinch stole christmas (it was amazing). some gum, for kissing time. two notebooks. one for, well, notes (mainly for sermons) and the other for the score keeping of games. yes. i don't know why that one was in there.

FIVE different items for lip application. six, if you count the double-sided one as two. i have issues. hand sanitizer (does anyone else have a husband who ALWAYS references zombieland when offered hand sanitizer? i love it). and cough drops. for this terrible chest cold.

one is never enough, it seems. five pens, count 'em-- FIVE. and one is bright pink. cute. oh, and my mouse necklace, which has wadded itself into a lovely little knot. i have to have husband fix that one now.

not pictured: on love, a novel. because dude, it's awesome and deserves its own post. coming soon. honest.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

what? new style?

you may have noticed some changes going on with this blog. some major changes, if i do say so myself. i want to start by thanking leann for letting me know that it was possible. i also want to thank google for teaching me how. and picnik for the tools to do so.
so, i made my first header. my first ever. i really like it, but don't know if i'm in love with it just yet. comments are appreciated. what do you think?

Friday, December 17, 2010


every now and then, i write a post and i don't get any comments on it. and i wonder if anyone reads my blog. and i check my stats and see that two people read it. and i'm ok then. because i remember that i don't write this blog for you. i write it for me. that's why i started it, isn't it? right-o.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

under the weather

last night, as husband and i were watching

he noticed how much i was coughing. see, i've been a little

for a while now. but it's not bad, just annoying that it's happening right after school finished and i'm supposed to be all

except that i'm a girl, you know.

but instead i'm sick. well, he fixed me. before the show was even over-- when he's missing the big exciting ending, he runs to the store for some gold, i mean, for some

for me. i was so happy. and i slept well for the first time in ages.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

guess what, guess what?

i'm back.
i'm thisclose to being back to my old self. i started getting in a great mood about sunday night, when i began to realize that the end was in sight. i was so close to being done with school for the semester. this was the hardest class i've had so far, so the break was very much needed.


i say i'm thisclose to being back to my old self because i'm not quite there yet. sure, i'm LOVING this whole come-home-and-don't-study-or-do-homework thing. and boy, i haven't done a darn thing. i have sat on the couch and, well, that's it. watch tv, read a magazine. that's it.

but i have a cold. sad face. i had a little head cold that has taken a sharp turn and is trying to take up residence in my chest. i do not approve of this. have no fear, i'm taking all my cold precautions. i had chicken dumpling soup for lunch today. i'm taking cold meds and sucking on cough drops all day long. i'm having hot tea in the evenings. i had an orange for dessert tonight (go, vitamin c!). i'm not drinking enough water, but it's partly because i have a bladder the size of a pomegranate seed. that reminds me. i have some seeds in the fridge i need to eat tonight. yum.

in other news, i quit facebook. we'll see how long it lasts-- it's until chris bites his nails. which isn't fair, because my guess is that he's biting them at work still. hrmph.

i haven't gotten my christmas cards out yet. everyone on my list, expect belated christmas cards. see above excuse about being busy with school, then feeling the need to do nothing at all. they'll be out by this weekend, i just don't bet they'll make it everywhere on time.

i think that covers it for today. i'll be back more often now though, i promise!

Friday, December 10, 2010

where does the time go?

let's talk about time today. or lack thereof. have you ever really sat down and figured out where you time goes? i started to last night and it made me so exhausted that i fell asleep to it. no joke. it's a little ridiculous what i do with my time.

let's start with the average week for me. how about last week? it's average for the fall semester.

in a week, there are 168 hours. i work 8 hours a day. wait, make that 9-- because i don't take a lunch usually. five days a week, that's 45 hours. add in the commute, 30 minutes round trip each day, and i spend 47.5 hours at work each week. i still have 120.5 hours in the week. this week, i taught at CVC-- spent 1 hour commuting round trip, and 3 hours there. i'm down to 116.5 hours. then i had to grade all of those finals that they turned in. that took me about 4 hours total. so, what's that now... 112.5 hours. oh, have i mentioned that i'm in school myself? yes. so last week i wrote a paper. and also homework. and six discussion posts. which took me about, oh, 10 hours total? that sounds about right. how about date night? 5 hours. now i have only 97.5 hours left. church-- 3 hours. personal hygiene time-- 7 hours. bible reading-- 3.5 hours. 84 hours. we're halfway there. how about that awesome mario cart game that my brother and (future) sister in law got us for a wedding gift? now that we have rechargeable batteries, we play it more. so i probably spent 6 hours on it last week. it's tons of fun. lazy tv time with husband? about 10 hours. I'm at 68 hours. sleeping? 8-9 hours a night. let's go with 8.5 a night. that's 59.5 for the week. wow. only 8.5 hours left! let's just say that goes for relaxing, occasionally reading a chapter for fun, putting totino's pizza rolls in the oven, watching a movie on a tuesday with my husband, that kind of stuff. what's left: ZERO hours. i'm a busy woman... for five more days, until the semester is over. then, i fully plan on reading "junk food", baking goodies, getting back in the kitchen, spending time with my husband... yeah. fun stuff again.

Friday, December 3, 2010


have you seen this? please use 3 minutes and 22 seconds of your life to enjoy it. it will greatly improve your mood, i promise.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

what makes me happy today

i don't need you to think that i'm a pessimist, based on my last post. here's the happier side of me!

that i only have three weeks left of school, and can then enjoy my holiday break by relaxing and baking and humming christmas songs.

my husband, who stands by me through everything, and who picks up the home duties where i'm slacking lately.

crockpot meals that are ready when you get home-- and the house smelling so delicious from that.

fajitas. and big salads. not together though.

that it finally feels like winter out there, if only for a few days.

being mostly done with christmas shopping at the very beginning of december and having the presents wrapped and the house decorated and apple cider and hot cocoa and christmas carols.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

what irritates me today

beautiful pregnant women. i don't mean the average mom, who glows during her slightly miserable pregnancy. i mean beautiful, skinny women who have a bulging baby belly and are thrilled about it. and who still wear skinny jeans and look good.

other people being in rotten moods. i've been in a semi-bad mood for some time now. it's incredibly annoying. know what doesn't help? when other people are in the same mood. when people are in good moods, it's contagious. same goes for rotten moods. it doesn't help that half of my office is sick.

that i know i'm in a bad mood and can't seem to get out of this funk.

that i can't wear a skirt with this ugly cast.

that i'm so busy with school for the next three weeks.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

like a box of chocolates.

i am 77% happy
i am 23% stressed

i am 64% homemaker and wife
i am 10% student
i am 26% employee

i am 50% creative
i am 50% bookworm

i am 82% productive
i am 18% wii super mario bros champion

i am 89% foodie
i am 11% junk foodie

i am 63% calm, cool, and collected
i am 29% drama

i am 50% straightforward
i am 50% sarcastic

i am 97% good at math
i am 3% errors-on-purpose

it's a crap shoot.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

what do you mean, it's not socially acceptable?

this morning, chris and i woke up before the alarm to get ready for church. we had toast and coffee. we showered and got ready. we watched some of the sunday Today Show. we drove to church. we got out of the car.

then i said, "chris, i'm wearing a slipper."

it's true. i wore a slipper to church. let me explain a little. i only wore one, because my other leg is still in a cast. and our church is pretty casual, so i was wearing jeans and a sweater. and the house is cold, so i was wearing the slipper around in the morning. and the slipper has a hard sole and looks like a fur-lined mule or something.

it's a darn good thing i wasn't wearing bunny slippers or something.

Friday, November 26, 2010

thanksgiving long weekend

what a lovely weekend! chris and i made our own traditions and had such a fantastic two days off work. and there's still two more to go! we watched the parade, we went out to eat at denny's, we decorated for christmas, and we went to the movies (if you're interested, due date was hilarious).

The Parade. it's a must.

aren't you supposed to drink beer on thanksgiving?

he had coffee during dinner.

my thanksgiving dinner. chicken strips, rice, stuffing.

and his dinner. chicken fried steak.

then, we decorated for christmas. it made me so happy.
so, how was your thanksgiving? i know i'm a little late in asking you, since it's already a day later. forgive my lack of internetness. it's the holiday!
tomorrow we get to pick up a new-to-us couch. can't wait! we'll also host some of our church group on sunday for a game/snack afternoon. awesome.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful, part 4

today, i'm thankful to be spending my first thanksgiving with my husband, since i was out of the country for our last one.
i'm thankful for the option to go out to eat and make our own traditions, because we're family now, and that's what families do.
i'm thankful for long weekends and four days off work and cinnamon rolls and christmas decorations and the macy's parade.
i'm thankful for no plans (except for picking up a free couch and doing homework).

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

thankful, part 3

today, i'm thankful for a loving, supportive husband. one that takes me to doctor's appointments and cooks steak on the grill when it's dark outside. one that is willing to do the dishes and vacuum the house. someone who thinks i'm beautiful, even when i feel frumpy. someone who does everything he can to provide for me and care for me and be the man of our house. someone who leads me spiritually, even if it's not in ways i'm used to.

and, related, i'm thankful for my entire family-- even the extended family and in-laws!-- and the support and love that they provide daily.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thankful, part 2

i'm back with more thanks!

i'm thankful for crockpots. and food. and steaks with asparagus on a monday evening. i'm thankful that cooking is an escape for me, and that i finally learned how to cook without always relying on my mom or a cook book.

i'm thankful that god has provided us with more than enough food to fulfill our needs, and with a home that has all the means to cook those foodstuffs.

Monday, November 22, 2010

thankful, part 1

Many people have been doing the "thankful" posts for all of november. i didn't have the urge to do so until this week-- the week of thanksgiving.

so, from now until, well, thursday (?) i'll be posting some things i'm thankful. that should give you something to look forward to this week, right? right.

today, i'm thankful for pharmaceuticals and for healthcare. for the ability to pay copays and for smart doctors and x-rays. i'm thankful for my husband's birthday this weekend, and the fun that we had and the blessings we experienced. i'm thankful to live in a country where i can freely practice my religion and the holidays that come with it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

my husband's birthday weekend

images from this weekend:

i had such a great birthday weekend, and it wasn't even MY birthday! it was chris' birthday, and he decided we would go to grapevine, and it was awesome. i felt like we were in another state. and the weather was perfect for walking outside. we ate at an awesome deli called weinberger's. we went in and out of almost every shop. one of the best ones was this where you got to taste all sorts of olive oils and balsamic vinaigrettes. then we went to the mall to waste time and to get a beverage. then we went out to dinner at chili's. then we went to target to just a few things. that's it!