Monday, January 4, 2010

Back at work

...and look at how productive I'm being!

sarcasm, folks. sarcasm.

i've been looking for cameras to buy with my China moneys. I'll also need to go shoe-shopping, seeing as I had to leave behind four (gasp!) pair because they didn't fit in my suitcases. Guess I bought much more than i thought i did! Anyways, I'm looking at the Cannon Rebel and the Nikon D3000. Both recommended to me by my friend Jennifer, who is a "professional" (on weekends) photographer, but understands my need for something cheaper than a grand. Looks like I'll be spending near that by the end of it, but I think it'll be worth it to have something fun to focus and take neat pictures. Maybe it'll become a pretty awesome hobby!

Anyways, went to lunch with erica today. we ended up at the 14th floor (the nice cafeteria) and spent the entire hour talking about our last six weeks. she went home to detroit-- remember, that's where that recent terrorist attempt happened-- and told me about a missed flight back and stuff. i told her all about my flights. we were trying to figure why dallas to shanghai isn't a direct flight, and she said she thinks they need to fuel up, so can't go that far. i told her, wait, there are planes that go to JFK and LaGuardia from Shanghai, but maybe it's closer because they go over the north pole. She replied...

"Where's the north pole?"

I can't make this up. I laughed so hard, and tried to say something like, "that's like asking if...", but couldn't think up a question so basic to compare it to. I settled on "what color is water?", but i don't think it does it justice.

Ahhh. I heart my friends and am so glad to be back in America.

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