Saturday, January 2, 2010


Yesterday I had my Christmas! It was so wonderful. I woke up and made
monkey bread with Chris, then we opened gifts. I got some shirts, wall
art, puzzles, books, Steelers paraphernalia, and a bit more from mom
and dad (and Santa!). Chris decorated a picture frame that I can't
wait to put at my desk, and made a bag to hold all of my knitting
supplies- so sweet! I think he enjoyed my desk calendar and "cookie of
the month club" that I made for him. Oh, also, mom and dad got us a
domino set, and got Chris socks (he asked for them!) and Cowboy
gloves. Remember, I come from a family o Steeler fans, so that was a
big deal! :-). Then the monkey bread came out of the oven; while it
was cooling, we opened stockings! I went first. Man, does my man know
how to pack a stocking! I'm posting this from bed, so will surely
forget some things that were in it, but here goes- bath stuff in my
favorite scent, candy, jewelry, chocolate-flavored popcorn, a sharps
container... Gee, I told you I'd forget some things. That's all that
comes to my mind, but he sure did great. I loaded his stocking with
China souveniers and candy. He liked it- had fun tasting the candy
through the day.

After "Christmas morning", we went shopping. Bought things for the
dogs, including a three-foot bone for Bella (she loves it!), and went
to Walmart to go shopping for me. I feel like I spent way too much
money, but I did have to get a lot of staples after being gone for so
long. I even bought a rice-cooker!

After, we came back to my place and Chris napped while I put up
groceries. I sat down to read cause I didn't want to sleep and ruin my
schedule, then fell asleep instead. Chris cooked dinner (pork chops,
mashed potatoes and black eyed peas), then we went for ice cream. He
had picked up a movie, so we watched The Proposal. It was really good!
Then, I'm still wide awake, so we put in Nip/Tuck and watch a few
episodes before he leaves.

Today, I plan on doing lots of laundry, unpacking, and putting pork
loin and sauerkraut in the crock pot for dinner. See, all of my days
are messed up, so today is now my Jan 1st, so I'm having the
sauerkraut. :-) yay!

I can't wait to go back to work on Monday! I want to show everyone
pictures and give souveniers, and catch up on the piles of work that
are sitting on my desk. Yaaay!!


  1. I had such a great Christmas morning with you. :-) I love you babe! Glad you liked the stuff I got you.

  2. I've never met anyone who actually wants to go back to work. Haha. Glad you had a great Christmas. Oh, and i knew about the bag b/c he sent me a picture. I told him you'd love it.


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