Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fabulous Fridays and Super Saturdays

I heart date nights. I love coming home from work and spending some time touching up my makeup, spritzing on fresh perfume, and freshening up my hairdo. I love it even more when dinner is free with a gift card birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy :-)

I love feeling like I'm eating dinner with my BFF and her husband because, even though we live 4 hours apart, we both eat dinner at Red Lobster. Nom nom. I love going in to the restaurant planning on ordering a super dinner *and* dessert, but getting stuffed after half of dinner-- which means my leftovers become delicious lunch the next day.

I love coming home and being less scared than Boyfriend when watching a scary movie like Paranormal Activity-- and finding out he had nightmares about it, while I slept soundly.

I love productive moods. So many Saturdays I'm just plumb worn out from the week; I don't want to do anything but curl up with a good book and recuperate from long days at work. So when Boyfriend and I both feel productive, it leads to Super Saturdays.

Before cleaning started, Bella helped me with the dishes.

We organized destroyed catch-alls, swept the house, used elbow grease to mop the house, washed walls, consolidated two closets into one, took down all the Christmas decorations and put them away... then went to Wal-Mart to make a return, to Target to make an exchange, and Borders to browse.

I love days like this.


now it's your turn.