Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Music Thursday

I'm not starting a new tradition; I just needed a catchy title today.

I'm in love.

With Michael Buble (sorry, Boyfriend... but I'm sure you suspected something when, right in front of you, I *burned* his *cd* last night). Hubba hubba.

If you haven't experienced his new cd (and I do say "experienced", not "heard"-- notice), you simply must. I heart it. I heart it so much that it will be my most-frequently-listened-to disc for the next two weeks. Guaranteed. MAYBE even for the next month. Only time will tell.

On a completely unrelated note, the older Hispanic woman who is the housekeeper in my building told me, "That's a sexy blouse!"-- haha. Super. It's my latest Target purchase. Shortly after, a girl in my area told me I'm "glowing"-- to which my BFF said I must be pregnant. Well, impossible. End of conversation :-)


  1. You ARE glowing! It must be the hair. It looks gorgeous. And I only said you must be pregnant b/c I wanted to say something annoying to someone who is obviously not pregnant.

  2. Heart you!! I like my hair, but I think it might be my new makeup? I am always happy when I'm glowing, more so when it's obvious.

  3. Of course you always look pretty to me, but today you also look happy. That warms a mother's heart:)

  4. Isn't she lovely?..... Isn't she wond...der...ful.


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