Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project 365

Leann shared with me this wonderfully fun thing called "project 365"-- every day in 2010, you take a picture and save it into an album called "365" on your facebook page. Here's mine so far:

1. Monkey bread that I made fresh on "Christmas" morning. It turned out super delicious. Bella must have thought so, too, cause she ate the last half of it...

2. The "before" picture of my delicious sauerkraut and pork... it was so amazing, even Chris ate some of it!

3. The Cowboy game is on, I'm editing pictures from China, and I love the reflection of the Christmas lights on the computer screen.

4. Remains of China tea... I'm back at work.

Any ideas for today? I'm dying to show you what I'm preparing for dinner... but don't want to have 300 of 365 be pictures of food, ya know? :-)

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  1. You should take a picture of Bella and Mya tonight. They're cute. :-)


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