Monday, January 18, 2010

Thanks for the 3-day weekend, MLK.

What a beautiful day off today. It was slightly overcast, but not freezing. For some reason, I felt sexy in my jeans, hoodie sweatshirt and ball cap. Went to Target to get some essentials-- contact solution, tissues, that sort of thing. Then I came home and *finally* baked Chris' cookies that I've owed him since January 1st. I tried Cool Whip Cookies, and they turned out fabulous. My recipe's a little different from what you'll find online, and I think it's better.

1 box cake mix. Any flavor (I used plain-ol white cake mix)
1 egg
8 oz Cool Whip, thawed (I didn't quite use all of it-- with the full 8 oz, it can be too gooey in the middle after cooking)
Mix together thoroughly. The dough will be terribly thick and so sticky you could use it in place of tile grout. Bear with me. Drop a spoonful of the dough into some kind of topping, I used a mixture of clear and blue crystal sprinkles, because they're "January" cookies. Thoroughly cover the dough with the topping. It gets messy.

Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes. I found that they definitely needed the higher end of that range; I cooked most batches for 14 minutes. They ended up cooking perfectly!

I really like the way the cookies crack on top. I think it just makes them look really cute. I also think my sprinkles turned out very well. Some suggestions for cake mix and toppings:

* Cherry chip with red-hots
* Chocolate with crushed nuts
* Funfetti in rainbow sprinkles
* Use your imagination! Let me know what other combinations you come up with.

After baking, I decided to re-organize my spice cabinet. For some reason, I went to China having a spice cabinet, and I returned to own a giant cupboard catch-all. Boyfriend apparently thinks spaghetti noodles go in the spice cabinet instead of in the pantry :-)
It's all remedied now. I have a "before" picture, but I'll only share the "after" with you because it's far less embarrassing!


  1. Wow, that looks like a really quick and easy recipe! I already use a cake mix recipe, but it has more steps and ingredients, so I may try yours pretty soon. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My recipe only calls for 1/2 of an 8 oz tub of cool whip. Comes out perfect every time!


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