Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dallas World Aquarium

Saturday, I went with my boyfriend and his friend Chris Jantzi to the aquarium. If you've never been to the Dallas World Aquarium, and you live in the DFW area, please do yourself a favor and go. It's awesome. We took the train downtown and enjoyed the first time it's been sunny in Dallas in what seems like weeks.

It took a while to get in because the line was so long, but even waiting there I was able to get a few great shots-- look at this bamboo wall that separates you from a bird exhibit!

I had a good time playing with shutter speed at the waterfall.

I felt like the bird with his eyes open was protecting his girl while she was sleeping. It was cute.

I love this accidental shot of Chris' reflection while we looked at the jellyfish. Probably my favorite one of the day.

I never did find Nemo...

A great shot of Chris and I! I love the background of the shark tunnel. Thanks, Jantzi.

Chris! Watch out! There's someone about to eat you!

We even got pictures with the Mayan dancers, although we weren't close enough to watch them do their dance.

Do you love my new shoes? I bought them that morning, only because I was wearing a cardigan almost the exact same color.

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