Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

in honor of valentine's day, i want to tell you a few of the things that I appreciate about my boyfriend.

he apologizes. if he's truly wrong in some way, he is quick to apologize about it. i'm not. i brood.

he smells good.

he takes care of me.

he replies to my snappy texts with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

he fixes his hair the way i like when we are going out.

he has conversations on the phone with my mom.

he likes my dogs.

he listens, even when it seems he's not.

he knows me.

he tries all sorts of new food.

he's very caring. always thoughtful. and puts me first.

i can talk to him about anything.

he thinks i'm pretty :-)

he likes his coffee black.

he loves music.

he twitters because i do.

he's very complimentary.

he knows little things about me, like that i am addicted to chapstick.

he knows my style preferences.

he offers to sleep on the couch so I can have the bed (we're not married yet, remember!).

we have similar goals in life.

he enjoys going to church, and is making real relationships with the boys in class.

he's cautious.

he trusts me.

and, most importantly,
he loves me.

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