Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm just a little behind...

As you're aware, I'm participating in the quilt-a-long. I'm too lazy to link it, so see my post from earlier if you want that link.

Anyways, today starts Week 3. Sewing. Actually making something that begins to resemble a quilt.

Me? I started Week 2 today. I ironed my fabrics (oops-- that's actually from Week 1) then cut the patterns into rectangles. I would have continued to cut the neutrals, but I had to stop because of my RA. Oh, and because mom has my neutral that she's going to mail to me. Ain't no thang.

I was quite pleased with my rectangles-- so much so, that I spent some time afterwards lining them all up nice and neat, all making up one big brick. But wait. What's that? Some fabric overhang? And some that are shorter? From rectangles that are supposed to be uniform in size? Oops. Good thing I had plenty of fabric and was able to go back and make four (yes, four) replacement rectangles from that piece of fabric.

Lesson learned today? Measure twice, cut once. Even better-- measure three times... and really think it through when you're cutting.


  1. LOL I was so OCD about measuring, I had a fear I was going to do the same thing. I actually cut too many cause I got into my measuring groove and stopped counting rectangles.

  2. I suck at cutting fabric. For reals. And I was gonna buy a rotary cutter at Walmart the other day but all they had was a tiny, baby one. I wanted one with a bigger wheel. Bummer.


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