Sunday, February 14, 2010

Monday's goal updates

i sucked at following my goals from last week.

NO new recipe. and no excuses.

NOT on track with the quilt-a-long. but i do have an excuse. while i cut all of the rectangles of the prints, i'd been waiting for mom to mail my plain fabric for the squares. since i don't have any squares cut, i obviously can't sew it together. so, turns out i'm at least a week behind. actually, closer to two weeks. but hey, i'm not too worried about catching up. it's not a race. maybe i'll go pick up the muslin today so i can work on it on my day off.

Wii. Well, I sorta rocked this one. i started to rock it, at least. i bought the Wii Active game, which is like a personal trainer, and you can set goals and everything... but lost my power the day i bought it. so i only got to try it out on sunday to start with. i'll do it again today.

want to see my goals for this week? visit the group blog that i posted them on here.

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