Monday, February 8, 2010

monday's update and new goals

I think i did pretty well on my goals this week, considering I listed five!

#1-- Tech Week *definitely* went off without a hitch. It was phenomenal. Techs and supervisors alike were complimenting the committee on how wonderful it was :-)

#2-- TWO recipes: The first one, orange chicken in the crock pot, sucked balls. It was the worst meal I think I've ever cooked. I couldn't even eat it. BUT, the second recipe? *sigh*... I can't wait to make it again. French onion soup, and it turned out so phenomenally. Luckily, it made a huge pot of it, so that there is leftovers and I can eat it this week at work.

#3-- Lunch veggies: I am pretty sure I had a salad once this week? Not enough. I need to do better at packing my lunch, and making it with healthy things like sliced peppers and carrots and celery. I'll work on that again.

#4-- Wii: No. I had a very RA'd week, so I didn't get on it but maybe once. I was exhausted and achey and didn't feel like boxing.

#5-- Praise journal: Yes! I wrote in it! I think, maybe, three times? Again, I said it didn't matter how many times. Funny (or not) thing is, when I'd write a praise, I'd see that attribute all day. For example, "God, you are Beautiful"-- then, all day I saw different ways where God's beauty was showing. It was pretty awesome.

*New Goals*

1. Wii it up. If I'm feeling better, I want to get on this.

2. Another new recipe. Duh.

3. Stay on track with the quilt-a-long.

**edit! Added goal!**
4. Per Leann's reminder, start this bible study. Since we're doing it together, I really hope we can both stay with it. It's a bit of work to keep up with things like this sometimes, but it also makes me feel good when I do. How's the quote go? Nothing worth having was ever easy, or something like that.

That's enough for this week. It's a pretty busy week with the quilt, so that's going to take up a fair amount of my time after work this week.

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