Saturday, February 13, 2010

snow day = no fun without power

I'm spending some quality time at Starbucks (sans makeup) this morning. I'm on my second day without power thanks to this horrible snow storm. And trust me, a foot of snow is a lot even for Pittsburgh (of course, they're sitting in 3 feet now, so...). Anyways, no power obviously means no internet. So, I'm using the hot spot here, sipping on my skinny vanilla latte, and just finished my chocolate-chip banana cake. It. Is. Amazing. My favorite thing to get here, because I figured I was the only person who added chocolate chips to her banana bread. I realize looking back I probably wasn't, but boy... I should have patented that while I had the chance, eh?

Here's some shots of the snow. These pics were taken when we had about 7" and it was still snowing. Look at how weighted down the power lines are-- just hours after this shot, the transformer behind my house blew. I didn't take any others today, but I'm thinking about going out and snapping some. Today if I do, it won't be so much about the snow as the aftermath. There's trees down all over the place-- a road near me is blocked because two trees are in the road. One fell on the roof of a house on my block, but didn't look to be any damage. They just lost half their tree!

I really think this was Bella's first time seeing snow. I can't remember us getting snow (ice, yes) in Arkansas while she was with me. She wasn't timid about it at all. We had a blast taking pictures of her catching snowballs in her mouth and just prancing around the yard.

It's a winter wonderland!

It's really amazing how heavy snow can get-- Chris made an observation that we have some pretty nasty winds that don't take these trees down, but this snow ruined so much. Trees are down. Transformers blew. Power lines are down. Stop lights are out all over town. It's crazy. The worst part is that Dallas is definitely NOT equipped to handle this type of weather emergency, so they are very slow in recovering. A huge blessing was that the weather is going to quickly get warmer, so the snow will melt soon. Also, the roads never got *too* bad, especially on the main thoroughfares.

I'm thankful today for stores that are open, so I can spend my day hanging out at places like Starbucks and Borders instead of at my cold house. I'm thankful that I pay for internet at my house so I'm able to get to all of the AT&T hot spots. I'm thankful that I ended up with a four-day weekend, even if I am going to have to go in and catch up on work sometime (probably Monday). I'm thankful for a big dog that likes to cuddle so I can have an additional heat source when my house is about 40 degrees.


  1. Just look at those beautiful eyes....

    Hope your power comes back on soon.

  2. I love your pics! Still can't believe y'all got so much snow. Craziness.


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