Wednesday, March 3, 2010

it's working!

I want to tell you how much of a pain it feels sometimes to count calories. admittedly, the loseit app on my iphone really helps, but it's still some work. the best thing about counting calories is that it makes you really think-- do i seriously need to eat 14 thin mints? no? okay. just two this time. well, maybe that's the second best. so, what would the first best (most bestest!) thing about counting calories be, you ask?

today, i'm wearing a shirt that i bought months ago. i'm wearing it for the first time, because for the first time, it's not too tight around my upper arm.

even seeing a little bit of results helps to motivate.


  1. Awesome! I think we need a picture to document (just had to throw that out since you're always asking for pics of me).


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