Tuesday, March 2, 2010

my workout mix

i'm working out. seriously. i go to the gym sometime during the day and sweat bullets. today was my first day, but i'm totally loving it. when i feel this great after working out, why wouldn't i do it? then, using my loseit app, i track what i eat, and have been much better at it. i don't want to waste my exercise, now do i? so happy to be at this point in my life. next goal? drink more water. i totally feel dehydrated right now.

anyways, i need help on my workout mix. please give me suggestions! i'll list some of them and the reasons i have them:

Justin Timberlake, SexyBack (good beat, and i want to bring my sexy back!)
Natasha Bedingfield, If you're gonna... (motivational. seriously.)
Nelly Furtado, Maneater (more for the beat)
Pink, U + Ur Hand (cause i imagine all the hot guys are wanting me and i have to tell them NO!)
Rob Thomas, Her Diamonds (cause it's about his wife and her autoimmune disease. like my RA. so though the beat's not great, it's inspirational)
Sara Bareilles, Love song (cause i'm doing this for me, not for you
Hilary Duff, Beat of my heart (inspiration from my fit by twitter friends. good beat to match your stride to!)

anyways, i spent tons of time last night going through my itunes and couldn't find great songs. seriously. the ones i told you about are probably the best examples i could share with you, even though there's about an hour and a half's worth of music on it.

so, i need help. what's on your workout playlist?


  1. Seriously, get some Foo Fighters and Aerosmith and maybe even some Guns n' Roses. Talk about pumping you up.

  2. Also, I recently discovered Phoenix. They have a song on a Cadillac commercial (it's called "1902"). Look them up. They have a groovy beat.

  3. 1901, sorry. I suck. But, a good year, being Ed Cullen's birth year and all. Haha.


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