Thursday, March 11, 2010

new music thursday, etc.

i am *loving* the weather lately. yesterday it was supposed to rain and storm all day... it did, but only until about 10am! then the sun came out, the sky was blue, and it was gorgeous.

after my 7-hours of training yesterday, all i wanted to do was prop my legs up on my desk and read a book until chris came to get me. instead, i went and worked out. i made it longer than i have yet on the elliptical and the stationary bike! AND, i hit a milestone. i weigh less than i have in years. and i feel good about it. chris said my waist is getting skinnier. i'm not sure about that, but i can tell i don't get as winded when i'm working out (which means i can actually work up a sweat), and my legs are feeling much stronger.

what do you get when you mate a composer and a sculptor?

This cutiepie. Ingrid Michaelson. her songs sound extremely familiar to me, and it turns out it's cause they're all over the place. commercials, grey's anatomy, everywhere. i can't wait to own her cd. i'm addicted to her wherever i can find her today. youtube, myspace, google... i heart her.

and isn't she just adorable? i want to take her on a picnic and eat oranges with her, then play on a swingset or throw around a frisbee. i want her to be my bff. she kind of reminds me of colbie caillat.

she is a happy singer.

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