Sunday, March 21, 2010

snowy first day of spring

actually, i think yesterday was the first day of spring. regardless, it snowed last night. on may 21st. over an inch! it's still out there! boo. at least chris got the yard mowed friday after work so we weren't totally bummed saturday at not getting that done.

this weekend was SO productive. yesterday, i washed all the walls and ceilings in the house (with chris' help!!) in an attempt to get rid of the smoke smells. we used a warm water/ vinegar/ ammonia wash, and i think it did a pretty good job at cleaning the smell away! of course, i've been baking all weekend, so the house has smelled amazing because of that.

after cleaning, we took a nap, then went to his sister's house to get his hair cut. she always does a good job, but this time it was great! it wasn't as short on the sides (i like that), and it was so good that he really doesn't even need much gel in his hair to style it now. it's great! then we came home and watched the 2nd jurassic park movie... well, i did. chris fell asleep so he didn't see but just about half of it.

today we went to late church service because the snow made us want to go slow. i cooked oatmeal for chris. after church, we came home and i started being domestic. i found that my salsa garden is sprouting (yay!), i baked banana-chocolate-chip bread, i baked boule bread (i'll blog about that right after this, with the recipe), and i sewed together half of the strips for the top of my quilt. i love feeling so productive. then i made dinner (tilapia, veggies, and pasta), and now chris and i are at border's. he wanted to get out of the house, and my legs are killing me, so i plopped into one of their comfy chairs and am blogging from here.

hope you all had a great weekend, too!

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  1. March 21st... but I'm with you we got 5 inches at least!


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