Tuesday, March 9, 2010

some things

as prompted by prodigal john, i too wonder why this guy isn't more famous. have you heard of damien rice? niether have i. but i'm addicted to him this morning on youtube.

i took a road trip this past weekend with Boyfriend and his friends gloria and chris. i promise to write more on that later. it was a long weekend of tons of fun and getting to know people. we left friday around noon, and came back sunday evening. went to the alamo on what just happened to be reenactment saturday. relaxed in the hot tub saturday night... again, i'll devote a whole other blog post to this later.

i know it's not time yet, but i've been dreaming of wedding registries. and by "dreaming", i obviously mean browsing the target website to get ideas of kitchen and bedroom things to register for. duh.

i'm wearing my hair curly today for the first time since my cut. i like that it doesn't feel as frizzy as it did before, maybe because of the cut and maybe because of the awesome new hair products i own.


  1. I have liked Damien Rice for awhile but his music is hard to come by because he's not mainstream. Which is fine because I hate when people I like get blown up on the radio. Just makes it harder to find.

    I love your new hair.

  2. I've already listened to everything he has on youtube... all 8 official videos. wish i had his cd so i didn't have to go click each time one ends. maybe i'll add him to my "the script" station on pandora.

  3. I miss getting to listen to Pandora at work. :(


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