Thursday, April 29, 2010

photos for work

i lucked into being in charge of the intranet sites at work.

i love this, because i'm a stickler for details and i know that if i do it, it'll be done right.
i'm not fond of this, because it is a ton of work.

don't get me wrong, it's actually really fun! it's just also really frustrating. there are so many things linked that i have been having a hard time getting a solid start on it. i want it to look a certain way, and i have ideas running through my head that just need to get down on paper. or rather, down in the interwebs...i've been bugging the IT guy approximately 5 times a day-- either by email or phone. he's a trooper, bless him. answers me even when i ask the same thing twice (it only happened once!). he keeps telling me stuff i need to know during the entire process, so i have pages and pages of notes all filed away neatly in a folder in my desk. it currently has a semi-permanent residence on my desk, spread open.

i love love love my new camera. i have permission to buy photos online as i wish (i use istockphoto), but have been having a hard time finding exactly what i want-- so today i started taking pictures myself for the site. i'm extremely pleased with some of them. will go back to redo some of the mouse ones, but thought i'd share what i've got right now. not all of them, but some of my favorites.

here's my goals for this weekend:

apply (and be approved?) for the apartments chris and i want to live at when we're married.

shop at the farmer's market.

make homemade poptarts.

grill veggies if it's not raining.

make a casserole or two to put in the freezer.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tonight in a nutshell

help! get me outta here!!-- that's what tonight in a nutshell's saying. you know, cause it's trapped in a nutshell.


forgive the use of old pictures. call it recycling?

tonight, i will probably start a puzzle. only because i no longer have a dane that would eat it if i left it out on the kitchen table.

i'm also back into using my home organization binder. i really love the idea. yesterday, i spent about 8 minutes cleaning. that's the idea. spend no more than 30 minutes every day cleaning, and there's never a day where you waste the whole thing cleaning the house. yesterday i cleaned mirrors, tv, and glass in the house. not windows though. i've got a schedule and it tells me what to do each day. tonight is... um, i don't remember. i think it has something to do with door frames and fans? i need a step stool. maybe i'll register for one. you know, when i finally get engaged and get to do the whole "wedding registry" thing.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

in memoriam

i remember when i brought you home.

it's hard to believe you were as small as you were! it was fun for maya to have a friend her size to play with. of course, you were just a playful puppy and maya was already an adult, so you'd already started to annoy her.

you were so lopsided in your size for the longest time. your big block head and your legs that more closely resembled tree stumps than puppy legs. heck, you didn't even know you HAD back legs until you were about a year old! so clumsy...

i remember the first time i realized i had to put locks on your kennel-- as you found your way out one day while i was at work. i came home and was seeing red. but i'd picked things up off the counter! there was nothing left out for you to eat! so you weasled your way into the cabinets to see what you could find. tea. flowers. straws. plastic cups. pistachios.

you always slept in the most awkward positions! still do. i don't know how you sleep like that.

you loved christmas, when you'd get presents from memaw and papa-- even the biggest bones were gone in an afternoon.

it doesn't matter what i'm doing- if you're inside at the same time i am, you have to be near me. even curling up into a small ball to stay in the kitchen while i cook.

but when i'm done cooking, you're such a big help with the dishes!

i'm sorry i missed our last christmas together. i was in china during christmas, so you were alone with chris and maya. i wish i had been here.

when i returned, we got to experience your first snow together! it was so much fun. we played catch with snowballs, and you buried your nose in to see what this white stuff was!

we're all going to miss you. maya finally has a good friend, and she's going to miss her cuddle buddy.

i hope that you can provide your new family with the same happiness you have given me, and that this transition is not too difficult for you. i'm going to miss you.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

what's going on?

1. i'm currently waiting to hear back from a lady and her husband who might adopt bella. they emailed me last night and we've been talking since. i'm very comfortable with them. they came to visit today, along with their dane, maximus. he's a 5 year old guy, the most well-behaved dog i've ever *EVER* met-- which says a lot about the owners. also, their dog has allergies, so they pay a lot for expensive food to treat her for it-- again, says a lot that the owners are willing to go so far for their dog. the meeting went well today, bella and maximus got along well. maximus was giving bella hugs. seriously. he put his arm around her and they stood there for a bit. it was adorable.

2. chris starts work tomorrow at ut southwestern! i'm so excited. i'm slightly less excited by the fact that we have to take the train in about 30 minutes earlier than normal, but at least it's only for that day. he has to go in early for the orientation. i'm excited about the little things-- riding the train together, seeing his badge, him having to wear nice clothes for work :-)

3. i keep getting magazines in the mail. and i don't sign up for them. i don't mean i get junk catalogs. i mean, for about a year, i was receiving All You and Self. and Women's Health. now i'm getting Vogue. i'm not complaining. i like magazines. i think they're great. and, it saves me approximately $3.50/month.

4. i'm getting nervous about winston's arrival. not nervous, like, nervous for leann and maburn, but nervous because i'm pretty darn sure she's going to drop this kiddo before may, and i'm sad that i can't make it to see him first thing. i was really hoping to be there when he first saw the world.

5. i just found our great news this afternoon! remember how i'm going to visit my parents in may? in LESS THAN A MONTH?? mom is taking the WHOLE week off work to spend with me! i'm so happy, because there is so much we want to do, and not enough time to do it all. i was really thinking that i'd only have afternoons with mom, since she works mornings, but nope! i get to spend the WHOLE WEEK with her!! yaaaaay!!

thatisall. enjoy your evening. or morning. i don't know when you are going to read this.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I got this idea from tollipop and decided to waste 10 minutes filling it out. forgive me for not being creative this morning.

1. Would you rather never have to wait in another line (on foot), or would you rather always have the right of way at intersections...meaning no more red lights (via automobile)? I'd rather never have to wait in line. I'm a pretty good planner so i would be fine if i hit red lights. but standing in line... ugh.

2. Would you rather have the power to read people's thoughts, or would you like the ability to communicate with animals? (Sorry, that's borderline creepy...let's not say complete access to someone's mind, but more just an incredibly heightened awareness and perception of what people are feeling and thinking.) seeing as i work with animals, i'd have to go with the ability to communicate with animals. if i could tell my dog to get inside because i'm running late, or tell the mouse to stop fidgeting because it'll only hurt more, that would make life amazingly easy for me.

3. Would you like the ability to see a mile underground, or would you like the ability to see a mile underwater? this is kinda weird. i don't live near water. and i don't care to see inside the earth. can i pick neither?

4. If you could wander in and out of the plot of any book, what would it be? hunger games. kidding. that would be terrifying. i'd maybe pick the giver because that's an old favorite.

5. Would you rather have a secret garden full of all sorts of lovely growing things, with a cozy bench and a perfect patch of sunlight, and the power to bring anyone, anyone at all, to that place for a visit, or would you rather discover a secret corner in a library, a place no one else knows about or could ever find, with a huge, comfy cushion, a stack of wonderful books, and a window that allowed you a changing view of anywhere in the world (you simply had to ask)? library. i didn't even really have to think about this one.

6. Would you rather have an endless bar of the most scrumptious chocolate, or a perennial loaf of fresh bread (with no consequences, either way)? unlike the last question, i REALLY had to think about this one. and i'm going to have to go with bread. an ever-replenishing loaf of fresh bread, with no consequences? imma have to say that means no calories, also. *sigh* yes. definitely the bread.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


have you ever watched spanish soap operas? they're awesome. they're even better if you make up words for them-- because they're all so serious. they're all also gorgeous. absolutely beautiful. freaks of nature, even.

just thought i'd bring that up, because chris and i were just watching some. it was a lot of fun. he was really sad when the show ended.

Monday, April 12, 2010

woo hoo

i make funny faces when i work out.

but when i work out, i get toned. and get a healthy heart. and lose weight.

it's worth the funny faces.

Sunday, April 11, 2010



I like to eavesdrop on Chris' phone conversations.

Especially since he brags about me.

It makes me happy.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

things i need

I need:

to get lost in a new fiction book.

chocolate. like i need a swift kick in the rear.

to find a new home for my doggie.

to be more patient.

to learn to pick my battles.

to appreciate my boyfriend for who he is and what he does.

to give some things to god.

chocolate. like i need another hole in my head.

to finish my quilt.

to declutter my back bedroom.

to thank my boyfriend more often.

to tell boyfriend i love him more. because i do.

to buy milk.

chocolate. like i need to buy a bridge.

to sell some furniture.

to paint again.

to unpack from my december trip to china.

to do laundry tomorrow.

to be more in love with my boyfriend tomorrow than i normally am.

to make a trip to goodwill.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

unfinished projects

a blank canvas with paints ready to be applied

granny squares waiting to be formed into a quilt

strips of fabric to be sewn into a quilt top

two puzzles i got for christmas that need to be assembled

newspapers aching to be framed

a stack of clothes wishing to be donated or cut into scrap fabric

a pile of yarn in the process of morphing into a scarf