Friday, April 16, 2010


I got this idea from tollipop and decided to waste 10 minutes filling it out. forgive me for not being creative this morning.

1. Would you rather never have to wait in another line (on foot), or would you rather always have the right of way at intersections...meaning no more red lights (via automobile)? I'd rather never have to wait in line. I'm a pretty good planner so i would be fine if i hit red lights. but standing in line... ugh.

2. Would you rather have the power to read people's thoughts, or would you like the ability to communicate with animals? (Sorry, that's borderline creepy...let's not say complete access to someone's mind, but more just an incredibly heightened awareness and perception of what people are feeling and thinking.) seeing as i work with animals, i'd have to go with the ability to communicate with animals. if i could tell my dog to get inside because i'm running late, or tell the mouse to stop fidgeting because it'll only hurt more, that would make life amazingly easy for me.

3. Would you like the ability to see a mile underground, or would you like the ability to see a mile underwater? this is kinda weird. i don't live near water. and i don't care to see inside the earth. can i pick neither?

4. If you could wander in and out of the plot of any book, what would it be? hunger games. kidding. that would be terrifying. i'd maybe pick the giver because that's an old favorite.

5. Would you rather have a secret garden full of all sorts of lovely growing things, with a cozy bench and a perfect patch of sunlight, and the power to bring anyone, anyone at all, to that place for a visit, or would you rather discover a secret corner in a library, a place no one else knows about or could ever find, with a huge, comfy cushion, a stack of wonderful books, and a window that allowed you a changing view of anywhere in the world (you simply had to ask)? library. i didn't even really have to think about this one.

6. Would you rather have an endless bar of the most scrumptious chocolate, or a perennial loaf of fresh bread (with no consequences, either way)? unlike the last question, i REALLY had to think about this one. and i'm going to have to go with bread. an ever-replenishing loaf of fresh bread, with no consequences? imma have to say that means no calories, also. *sigh* yes. definitely the bread.

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  1. Yeah, definitely DON'T want to be in the Hunger Games. And I don't think I can choose between bread and chocolate. That's tough!


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