Wednesday, April 21, 2010

in memoriam

i remember when i brought you home.

it's hard to believe you were as small as you were! it was fun for maya to have a friend her size to play with. of course, you were just a playful puppy and maya was already an adult, so you'd already started to annoy her.

you were so lopsided in your size for the longest time. your big block head and your legs that more closely resembled tree stumps than puppy legs. heck, you didn't even know you HAD back legs until you were about a year old! so clumsy...

i remember the first time i realized i had to put locks on your kennel-- as you found your way out one day while i was at work. i came home and was seeing red. but i'd picked things up off the counter! there was nothing left out for you to eat! so you weasled your way into the cabinets to see what you could find. tea. flowers. straws. plastic cups. pistachios.

you always slept in the most awkward positions! still do. i don't know how you sleep like that.

you loved christmas, when you'd get presents from memaw and papa-- even the biggest bones were gone in an afternoon.

it doesn't matter what i'm doing- if you're inside at the same time i am, you have to be near me. even curling up into a small ball to stay in the kitchen while i cook.

but when i'm done cooking, you're such a big help with the dishes!

i'm sorry i missed our last christmas together. i was in china during christmas, so you were alone with chris and maya. i wish i had been here.

when i returned, we got to experience your first snow together! it was so much fun. we played catch with snowballs, and you buried your nose in to see what this white stuff was!

we're all going to miss you. maya finally has a good friend, and she's going to miss her cuddle buddy.

i hope that you can provide your new family with the same happiness you have given me, and that this transition is not too difficult for you. i'm going to miss you.


now it's your turn.