Thursday, April 29, 2010

photos for work

i lucked into being in charge of the intranet sites at work.

i love this, because i'm a stickler for details and i know that if i do it, it'll be done right.
i'm not fond of this, because it is a ton of work.

don't get me wrong, it's actually really fun! it's just also really frustrating. there are so many things linked that i have been having a hard time getting a solid start on it. i want it to look a certain way, and i have ideas running through my head that just need to get down on paper. or rather, down in the interwebs...i've been bugging the IT guy approximately 5 times a day-- either by email or phone. he's a trooper, bless him. answers me even when i ask the same thing twice (it only happened once!). he keeps telling me stuff i need to know during the entire process, so i have pages and pages of notes all filed away neatly in a folder in my desk. it currently has a semi-permanent residence on my desk, spread open.

i love love love my new camera. i have permission to buy photos online as i wish (i use istockphoto), but have been having a hard time finding exactly what i want-- so today i started taking pictures myself for the site. i'm extremely pleased with some of them. will go back to redo some of the mouse ones, but thought i'd share what i've got right now. not all of them, but some of my favorites.

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