Saturday, April 10, 2010

things i need

I need:

to get lost in a new fiction book.

chocolate. like i need a swift kick in the rear.

to find a new home for my doggie.

to be more patient.

to learn to pick my battles.

to appreciate my boyfriend for who he is and what he does.

to give some things to god.

chocolate. like i need another hole in my head.

to finish my quilt.

to declutter my back bedroom.

to thank my boyfriend more often.

to tell boyfriend i love him more. because i do.

to buy milk.

chocolate. like i need to buy a bridge.

to sell some furniture.

to paint again.

to unpack from my december trip to china.

to do laundry tomorrow.

to be more in love with my boyfriend tomorrow than i normally am.

to make a trip to goodwill.



  1. I love you very much darling. You are amazing even when we're both having grouchy days. Thanks for being you. Now go get some chocolate!

  2. You forgot chocolate.

    btw, wish I could have seen you while you were here. :(

  3. You list looks surprisingly similar to mine. Hope your day brightens up a bit.

  4. Hey, I gave you some chocolate while you were here...


now it's your turn.