Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tonight in a nutshell

help! get me outta here!!-- that's what tonight in a nutshell's saying. you know, cause it's trapped in a nutshell.


forgive the use of old pictures. call it recycling?

tonight, i will probably start a puzzle. only because i no longer have a dane that would eat it if i left it out on the kitchen table.

i'm also back into using my home organization binder. i really love the idea. yesterday, i spent about 8 minutes cleaning. that's the idea. spend no more than 30 minutes every day cleaning, and there's never a day where you waste the whole thing cleaning the house. yesterday i cleaned mirrors, tv, and glass in the house. not windows though. i've got a schedule and it tells me what to do each day. tonight is... um, i don't remember. i think it has something to do with door frames and fans? i need a step stool. maybe i'll register for one. you know, when i finally get engaged and get to do the whole "wedding registry" thing.

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