Sunday, April 18, 2010

what's going on?

1. i'm currently waiting to hear back from a lady and her husband who might adopt bella. they emailed me last night and we've been talking since. i'm very comfortable with them. they came to visit today, along with their dane, maximus. he's a 5 year old guy, the most well-behaved dog i've ever *EVER* met-- which says a lot about the owners. also, their dog has allergies, so they pay a lot for expensive food to treat her for it-- again, says a lot that the owners are willing to go so far for their dog. the meeting went well today, bella and maximus got along well. maximus was giving bella hugs. seriously. he put his arm around her and they stood there for a bit. it was adorable.

2. chris starts work tomorrow at ut southwestern! i'm so excited. i'm slightly less excited by the fact that we have to take the train in about 30 minutes earlier than normal, but at least it's only for that day. he has to go in early for the orientation. i'm excited about the little things-- riding the train together, seeing his badge, him having to wear nice clothes for work :-)

3. i keep getting magazines in the mail. and i don't sign up for them. i don't mean i get junk catalogs. i mean, for about a year, i was receiving All You and Self. and Women's Health. now i'm getting Vogue. i'm not complaining. i like magazines. i think they're great. and, it saves me approximately $3.50/month.

4. i'm getting nervous about winston's arrival. not nervous, like, nervous for leann and maburn, but nervous because i'm pretty darn sure she's going to drop this kiddo before may, and i'm sad that i can't make it to see him first thing. i was really hoping to be there when he first saw the world.

5. i just found our great news this afternoon! remember how i'm going to visit my parents in may? in LESS THAN A MONTH?? mom is taking the WHOLE week off work to spend with me! i'm so happy, because there is so much we want to do, and not enough time to do it all. i was really thinking that i'd only have afternoons with mom, since she works mornings, but nope! i get to spend the WHOLE WEEK with her!! yaaaaay!!

thatisall. enjoy your evening. or morning. i don't know when you are going to read this.


  1. Aw, #4 makes me sad! We watched Father of the Bride 2 today and both cried. Geez, we're weepy lately.

    I hope that family decides to adopt Bella.

    I think E.L.F. sends out those magazines because I started getting a women's health magazine and "Lucky" after I started ordering from them. They've since run out and I actually kind of miss the health magazine.

  2. How sweet that you are excited about spending time with your mother. Let me tell you, (as a mom) that your daughter wanting to spend time with you is the best feeling in the world. It warms our heart and make us feel loved. :)

    Yeah, Winston may just show up early, or he may fool us all.


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