Saturday, May 29, 2010

busy saturdays are my favorite

best email to wake up to? "direct deposit posted"
three days earlier than expected.

today: wake before 5 to take a good friend to the airport.
by 7am, grocery shopping.
by 8am, cleaned out fridge (threw away tons and SCRUBBED it).
by 9am, two loads of laundry in and lawn mowed.
by 10am, second trip to walmart.
by noon, home, groceries up, laundry switched, and ready for a nap.

watched an episode of saved by the bell. LOVE that show. and the horrible acting.

secret: in my earlier "freebies" post, i didn't mention that every time i see something for babies, i put leann's address in so i hope she's getting some of the free things i'm getting for her :-)

Friday, May 28, 2010


i, Erin Snuffleupagus, do solemnly swear to limit my wedding posts to twice a week. thus, i shall post today about freebies.

i love freebies. i LOVE freebies. I LOVE FREEBIES.

i get something in the mail at least twice a week. so far, i've gotten things like tampons, deodorant, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, dog treats, laundry soap, notepads, food samples...


1) follow Money Saving Mom on facebook
2) follow Frugal Girls! on facebook
3) visit free stuff times
4) google search "free sample of [whatever you want]"

seriously. if you're on facebook, you definitely have to follow #1 & #2. and actually, lots of the stuff they post is from #3. but still. even if it's a sample, it's a huge help. i've received enough laundry soap to do about four loads, and the trial shampoo and conditioners will be great for traveling or when i run out and don't have an extra in waiting. the deodorant is now what stays in my gym bag because it takes less room than a regular size stick. the lotions are often full-size bottles! small bottles or tubes, mind you, but not the itty bitty one you'd think you'd get. the small samples of dog treats are just right for maya.

things i'm expecting to receive in the next 3-8 weeks: full size bottles of juice, more tampons and panty liners (i had to get samples of panty liners because i use them so infrequently i don't see the benefit of buying a 30-pack myself-- sorry for the TMI), dishwashing liquid, pens, body wash, lotions...

do it. follow, visit, google, and get free stuff. it's like getting an unexpected gift in the mail because you never know when it'll show up!

Monday, May 24, 2010

registering is... fun?

registering for gifts is a lot of work.


especially if you're like me, and quite nicely fill a 3 bedroom house.


chris and i want to start our life together new and fresh. with bedding that doesn't have holes in it. spatulas that don't have dog teeth marks in the handle. dishes that aren't chipped on the corners. towels that match. pots and pans that don't have bubbling nonstick surfaces.

so, we registered. spent at least an hour and a half registering at target on sunday after church. we're pretty practical people, so we registered for needs.
new pots and pans
plain white dishes
new sheets and comforter

and today, i get the following email from momman:

Okay my practical frugal daughter,
Get busy and pick out another 50 items or so for your gift registry. You only have picked out 36 items and many of them are under $20 (actually, many under $10). Remember, Sara is having a shower for you too. You need to have a lot more items. Also remember that a note can be included with invites for a shower saying where you are registered.
Love you and miss you ..............................THIS MUCH...................................... :)

(i hope she doesn't mind my sharing this)
but she's got a point. speaking as a person who has shopped from a registry many-a-times, i love to pick and choose from what's on there, maybe buy a lot of the cheaper kitchen things and make a cute basket... and i don't have enough things on this list for each guest to get one item. hmmm.

tonight, after a long phone conversation with mom, i am proud to say i added another 48 items. well, i also removed about three, but that's besides the point. this time, i added fun things. trust me, they're "fun" for me.
3-tier pastry server
floor duster
beatles glassware
electric griddle
corn-cob holders

i'm making it easy on you all. i feel like i scanned the whole gosh darn store, even though there's still only about 80 items on my list.

is that enough? it better be. for now, at least.
until i return tomorrow because i forgot something.

the engagment

i could tell you how i got engaged...
but chris is so much better at it. visit his blog all about it here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

meet the future mrs slay

this pittsburgh vacation is going splendidly so far.
beautiful weather the first weekend here, so we had a nice grill-out with the family.
monday the weather wasn't great. in fact, it rained all day.
but i saw nothing but blue skies and rainbows because...

chris proposed.

we had planned a trip to pittsburgh on monday for some time now. were going to go to downtown and point park, then walk around the stadiums and take some pictures. for some reason, we decided to go to the stadiums first. as we were looking for a place to park, i saw a sign that said the stadium was open for tours! so i excitedly told chris we should see how expensive it'd be, see if we could afford to go on a tour. as we walked up, chris said something to the guy at the entrance, something like he had plans scheduled with someone there? i didn't quite get it. i got out of the rain, then went to the restroom.

when i got back, we stood around for just a bit. the tour was supposed to start at noon, and it's maybe 20-til, so we had some time to kill. remember, it's a pretty rainy day. so when the rain started to slow, one of the tour guides said he'd take us down to the field so we could see it since there was a slow break in the rain. i'm all for that. we headed down to the field and i'm just in love with the stadium, so i'm trying to go slow and take it all in. chris grabbed my hand and started to lead me along, rushing me. i was upset, and tried telling him to let me go slow and look at the stadium. well, he suddenly said something like, "this is it, sandrick"-- then kneeled down.

mind you, this boy has been teasing me by kneeling down so many times that i didn't believe him... until he reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring box. at this point, we both sort of blank on what was said. he practiced, so he thinks he said, "you know i don't like the steelers, but i love you..." and he says i said yes before he finished. but i say that it was quiet when i said yes. in any case, he proposed and of course i said yes. the tour guide that took us down had given us some space (because he was in on it), but then he took pictures of us right afterwards.
i am going to say that i didn't cry over it, but my eyes were certainly leaking for about an hour after. AND we still got to tour the stadium! it was about an hour and a half tour, just us, another couple, and two tour guides. lots of fun, we learned a lot about the stadium. as it was starting, one of the guides started talking about the great hall that we were in, then stopped himself and told the other couple that we just got engaged :-) it was sweet and the lady gave me a hug and wanted to see the ring (of course).

speaking of the ring, chris did GOOD. it is a three-stone princess cut ring, just exactly what i want.
after the tour, we headed over to the strip district and had lunch at a nice little italian hole-in-the-wall restaurant. it was delicious and we each got a hoagie and split it with the other person. i got meatball and he got philly cheesesteak. shhh. i really wanted the veggie or just a cold-cut hoagie, but chris wanted to try the meatball so i got it to share with him. what can i say? i was in a very agreeable mood- due to the beautiful piece of jewelry that now graces my left ring finger.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

lasagna rollups (they're healthy!)

let me tell you how nice it was to come home today and just pop dinner in the oven-- it cooked while i played with maya and sewed up a shirt for a coworker. then i just steamed up some fresh green beans and- viola!- dinner was ready. my freezer cooking day really paid off.

how to make your own delicious lasagna rollups:

1) in a large bowl, measure out about 3 cups of low-fat ricotta cheese, a large package of chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry, about a cup of finely diced fresh mushrooms, two cups of mozzarella cheese (made with skim milk!), 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese, and some spices. i used italian seasoning, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

2) get your boyfriend to mix it all by hand so you don't get it under your fingernails.

3) cook up two boxes of lasagna noodles, then drain and lay them flat across your entire table. i put them on parchment paper that was lightly sprayed with non-stick spray.

4) spread the cheese filling on the noodles. about 1/4 cup fills it just fine. make sure you don't put too much filling. there should be enough filling for 32 noodles.

5) roll them up, place on a cookie sheet, and freeze.

6) when it's time to cook, heat the oven to 375 and in a pan put a little tomato sauce, then the rollup, then top with remainder of the sauce. sprinkle with italian seasoning and garlic salt and bake covered with aluminum foil for 1 hour, removing the foil for the last 15 minutes. top with cheese if you want. i didn't need the calories.

it was delicious. i cooked three of them so i have leftovers for tomorrow lunch and dinner.
nom nom nom.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

how to be an aunt....

you must forgive me for not posting recipes as i promised in my last post. i had a little detour and feel that something more important has come up.

1) leave dallas at 8:30am

2) arrive to little rock at 1:00pm

3) hang out with the mom-to-be for about an hour

4) keep track of dilations (i learned so much)

5) anxiously await text messages

6) hold a baby that is less than an hour old

Monday, May 3, 2010

erin and the amazing cooking day.

wow. i did so much yesterday.
in hindsight, i should have broken it up into two days, but, well, i didn't.
i had a day of cooking and baking. a whole day. seriously. five hours.

i'll post more photos of each when i post the recipes over the next few days. here's what i made:

meatloaf muffins
spinach and mushroom lasagna rollups
spaghetti casserole
two-bean burritos
homemade poptarts

everything but the poptarts ended up in the freezer. that was my goal-- work really hard for a couple of hours, then not really have to cook for a few days/weeks. and that's what happened. most of the things are individually frozen-- the burritos are in their own baggies, i froze the rollups alone before adding them all to a bag, and the meatloafs were frozen in a muffin tin before being transferred to a bag (best idea for individual meatloafs-- came from my mom!).

at the end of the 5 hours, i was grumpy and snappy and achey and exhausted. and i apologize again to boyfriend, who got the brunt of the bad mood. he also gave me a back rub at the end of the night to soothe my lower back-- i spent most of the time bent over the kitchen table.

i know i've said it before, and i'm sure i'll say it again:
i'm not sure how mom did this stuff with two kids. she's my hero.
mom, sorry it's taken me 27 years to become domestic :-)

i ended the day with a beer. sent boyfriend to the store for some corona light after reading erica's post about her relaxing with one. he's so good to do that for me. even bought limes for them.