Saturday, May 29, 2010

busy saturdays are my favorite

best email to wake up to? "direct deposit posted"
three days earlier than expected.

today: wake before 5 to take a good friend to the airport.
by 7am, grocery shopping.
by 8am, cleaned out fridge (threw away tons and SCRUBBED it).
by 9am, two loads of laundry in and lawn mowed.
by 10am, second trip to walmart.
by noon, home, groceries up, laundry switched, and ready for a nap.

watched an episode of saved by the bell. LOVE that show. and the horrible acting.

secret: in my earlier "freebies" post, i didn't mention that every time i see something for babies, i put leann's address in so i hope she's getting some of the free things i'm getting for her :-)


  1. You're a sneaky one you are....

    You make me tired just reading this. Give me some of your energy ok?

  2. You ARE sneaky! I just ordered three Father's Day cards from Shutterfly for free. All I had to pay was 99 cent shipping. Freebies rule.

    Will you clean and scrub my fridge?

    P.S. I sent you an email just a little bit ago.


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