Monday, May 3, 2010

erin and the amazing cooking day.

wow. i did so much yesterday.
in hindsight, i should have broken it up into two days, but, well, i didn't.
i had a day of cooking and baking. a whole day. seriously. five hours.

i'll post more photos of each when i post the recipes over the next few days. here's what i made:

meatloaf muffins
spinach and mushroom lasagna rollups
spaghetti casserole
two-bean burritos
homemade poptarts

everything but the poptarts ended up in the freezer. that was my goal-- work really hard for a couple of hours, then not really have to cook for a few days/weeks. and that's what happened. most of the things are individually frozen-- the burritos are in their own baggies, i froze the rollups alone before adding them all to a bag, and the meatloafs were frozen in a muffin tin before being transferred to a bag (best idea for individual meatloafs-- came from my mom!).

at the end of the 5 hours, i was grumpy and snappy and achey and exhausted. and i apologize again to boyfriend, who got the brunt of the bad mood. he also gave me a back rub at the end of the night to soothe my lower back-- i spent most of the time bent over the kitchen table.

i know i've said it before, and i'm sure i'll say it again:
i'm not sure how mom did this stuff with two kids. she's my hero.
mom, sorry it's taken me 27 years to become domestic :-)

i ended the day with a beer. sent boyfriend to the store for some corona light after reading erica's post about her relaxing with one. he's so good to do that for me. even bought limes for them.

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