Friday, May 28, 2010


i, Erin Snuffleupagus, do solemnly swear to limit my wedding posts to twice a week. thus, i shall post today about freebies.

i love freebies. i LOVE freebies. I LOVE FREEBIES.

i get something in the mail at least twice a week. so far, i've gotten things like tampons, deodorant, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, dog treats, laundry soap, notepads, food samples...


1) follow Money Saving Mom on facebook
2) follow Frugal Girls! on facebook
3) visit free stuff times
4) google search "free sample of [whatever you want]"

seriously. if you're on facebook, you definitely have to follow #1 & #2. and actually, lots of the stuff they post is from #3. but still. even if it's a sample, it's a huge help. i've received enough laundry soap to do about four loads, and the trial shampoo and conditioners will be great for traveling or when i run out and don't have an extra in waiting. the deodorant is now what stays in my gym bag because it takes less room than a regular size stick. the lotions are often full-size bottles! small bottles or tubes, mind you, but not the itty bitty one you'd think you'd get. the small samples of dog treats are just right for maya.

things i'm expecting to receive in the next 3-8 weeks: full size bottles of juice, more tampons and panty liners (i had to get samples of panty liners because i use them so infrequently i don't see the benefit of buying a 30-pack myself-- sorry for the TMI), dishwashing liquid, pens, body wash, lotions...

do it. follow, visit, google, and get free stuff. it's like getting an unexpected gift in the mail because you never know when it'll show up!


  1. I LOVE FREEBIES, TOO! I've gotten lots of baby freebies since I got pregnant: diapers, ice packs to soothe sore boobies, baby wipes, baby toiletries, etc. I am signed up for all those lists but I need to do better about checking them. My time isn't as free as it used to be...

  2. I'm glad you're having so much fun! Isn't Free Stuff Times the best??? I got addicted to freebies over a year ago, and can't even list all the things I've gotten! I will NEVER have to buy travel size anything, ever again!!

  3. Oh, and I forgot to tell you...While Chris is living at a different address, sign him and his address up for everything too! I do that using Emily's address. She keeps what she wants and gives me the rest!

    And if you haven't tried it already, check out Roboform...makes signing up for things 100 times quicker!


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