Tuesday, May 18, 2010

meet the future mrs slay

this pittsburgh vacation is going splendidly so far.
beautiful weather the first weekend here, so we had a nice grill-out with the family.
monday the weather wasn't great. in fact, it rained all day.
but i saw nothing but blue skies and rainbows because...

chris proposed.

we had planned a trip to pittsburgh on monday for some time now. were going to go to downtown and point park, then walk around the stadiums and take some pictures. for some reason, we decided to go to the stadiums first. as we were looking for a place to park, i saw a sign that said the stadium was open for tours! so i excitedly told chris we should see how expensive it'd be, see if we could afford to go on a tour. as we walked up, chris said something to the guy at the entrance, something like he had plans scheduled with someone there? i didn't quite get it. i got out of the rain, then went to the restroom.

when i got back, we stood around for just a bit. the tour was supposed to start at noon, and it's maybe 20-til, so we had some time to kill. remember, it's a pretty rainy day. so when the rain started to slow, one of the tour guides said he'd take us down to the field so we could see it since there was a slow break in the rain. i'm all for that. we headed down to the field and i'm just in love with the stadium, so i'm trying to go slow and take it all in. chris grabbed my hand and started to lead me along, rushing me. i was upset, and tried telling him to let me go slow and look at the stadium. well, he suddenly said something like, "this is it, sandrick"-- then kneeled down.

mind you, this boy has been teasing me by kneeling down so many times that i didn't believe him... until he reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring box. at this point, we both sort of blank on what was said. he practiced, so he thinks he said, "you know i don't like the steelers, but i love you..." and he says i said yes before he finished. but i say that it was quiet when i said yes. in any case, he proposed and of course i said yes. the tour guide that took us down had given us some space (because he was in on it), but then he took pictures of us right afterwards.
i am going to say that i didn't cry over it, but my eyes were certainly leaking for about an hour after. AND we still got to tour the stadium! it was about an hour and a half tour, just us, another couple, and two tour guides. lots of fun, we learned a lot about the stadium. as it was starting, one of the guides started talking about the great hall that we were in, then stopped himself and told the other couple that we just got engaged :-) it was sweet and the lady gave me a hug and wanted to see the ring (of course).

speaking of the ring, chris did GOOD. it is a three-stone princess cut ring, just exactly what i want.
after the tour, we headed over to the strip district and had lunch at a nice little italian hole-in-the-wall restaurant. it was delicious and we each got a hoagie and split it with the other person. i got meatball and he got philly cheesesteak. shhh. i really wanted the veggie or just a cold-cut hoagie, but chris wanted to try the meatball so i got it to share with him. what can i say? i was in a very agreeable mood- due to the beautiful piece of jewelry that now graces my left ring finger.


  1. YAY! It's finally official. He did good. And I was in on the secret too. Heehee.

    Winston says hey. He just pooped a big one for you. :)

  2. Wow, Winston got all excited for you. He's like that. I'm glad it finally official too! Now the fun starts....


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