Monday, May 24, 2010

registering is... fun?

registering for gifts is a lot of work.


especially if you're like me, and quite nicely fill a 3 bedroom house.


chris and i want to start our life together new and fresh. with bedding that doesn't have holes in it. spatulas that don't have dog teeth marks in the handle. dishes that aren't chipped on the corners. towels that match. pots and pans that don't have bubbling nonstick surfaces.

so, we registered. spent at least an hour and a half registering at target on sunday after church. we're pretty practical people, so we registered for needs.
new pots and pans
plain white dishes
new sheets and comforter

and today, i get the following email from momman:

Okay my practical frugal daughter,
Get busy and pick out another 50 items or so for your gift registry. You only have picked out 36 items and many of them are under $20 (actually, many under $10). Remember, Sara is having a shower for you too. You need to have a lot more items. Also remember that a note can be included with invites for a shower saying where you are registered.
Love you and miss you ..............................THIS MUCH...................................... :)

(i hope she doesn't mind my sharing this)
but she's got a point. speaking as a person who has shopped from a registry many-a-times, i love to pick and choose from what's on there, maybe buy a lot of the cheaper kitchen things and make a cute basket... and i don't have enough things on this list for each guest to get one item. hmmm.

tonight, after a long phone conversation with mom, i am proud to say i added another 48 items. well, i also removed about three, but that's besides the point. this time, i added fun things. trust me, they're "fun" for me.
3-tier pastry server
floor duster
beatles glassware
electric griddle
corn-cob holders

i'm making it easy on you all. i feel like i scanned the whole gosh darn store, even though there's still only about 80 items on my list.

is that enough? it better be. for now, at least.
until i return tomorrow because i forgot something.

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