Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a mehndi celebration

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a mehndi celebration for the wedding of a coworker's son last night. The invite said it started at 5:30, and we showed up at around 6 due to traffic-- thinking we'd be some of the last ones there. We were some of the first ones there! I went with two other girls from work also. We got there shortly after the mehndi artists got there-- so first things first, we got our hands tattooed!

sat on the floor and the artist whipped this out in just a few minutes. really. took her maybe two mins.

then we sat around a bit while it dried. then we ate. there was so much food! chickpea and potato casserole thing, barbecue chicken and beef, hummus with bread and pitas, and triangle-shaped eggroll things with ground beef in them. lots of sauces. almond milk that was literally almonds ground up in 2% milk.

we couldn't stay late because we had to come to work the next day-- but people only really started showing up around 8. rumor has it the "real" party doesn't start until 9:30, and they dance and party until 2am! wish i'd been able to see that, but i did get great food and great conversations, and a neat henna tattoo out of it. it was fun!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i am second- blake mankin

it's been a while

i can't believe it's been a week since i last posted! and i'd been doing so good, too...

so, here's what i've done in the week since we last chatted:

* played around with our registry. yes, i go in often to make sure that what's there has not been discontinued and needs to be replaced. i also remember things like, "i need a pastry blender" or "maybe two trivets would be better than one". and i can't find placemats that i like. i registered for some for us, but will probably just end up making our own and returning the ones i registered for. if they don't work. and if we get them at all.

* packing! i can't believe that i move in two and a half weeks! i'm so excited to go to the new apartment that will not be "mine", but will be "ours". it's just one step closer to being married :-) of course, i've still got a lot of packing to do. i've seriously got, maybe, 8 boxes packed? haven't started on the kitchen yet, and that's going to be the biggest undertaking. i'll do that this weekend though. all of it. i'll buy plastic plates, cups, and silverware that i can wash and reuse, and pack up most everything in my kitchen. seriously. do i need my crock pot? springform pan? probably not. rice cooker? yes. pie plate? need that until sunday.

* making new friends. i met a friend through my work training sessions that i teach. we clicked right away, so we talked via email a few times, then met for dinner on saturday night. it was such fun! she's a lovely person and i am looking forward to having a new friend in my life that's not related to me via work.

*eating spaghetti casserole. seriously. i'm so sick of it. only about one more serving of it is left though, so i'll finish that up tonight (YAY!)

* watching The Hills . i was sick sunday so i parked my butt on the couch with water and meds and tissues, and searched netflix for some tv series to watch. i'd seen a few episodes of the hills, and knew it would be mindless and something i could sleep to if i wanted. but i got hooked. i watched all of season 1 and most of season 2. i'm now into season 3 and must make myself pack instead of watch it tonight. i feel like a lump, wasting my entire evening on tv. lame.

that's about it for now. sorry that after my week absence i have such a boring post. i'll be back again soon.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

wow, really?

every now and then it hits me that i'm planning a wedding. well, mom's mainly planning it. but i guess what i mean is sometimes it really hits me that i'm getting married. like today. i found out mom bought plane tickets and got me a garter, and i bought the cupcake toppers for mine and chris' cupcakes.

it's one thing to send out invites and forget about them for some time, except when i occasionally get one back in the mail. it's one thing to send an email asking for information about the venue and wait for a response.

it's entirely another to see wedding things stack up in the back bedroom all together. vases, a gift from mom and dad. it's another thing to be packing up all my stuff to get ready for the move.

i'm getting married! (in only 46 days!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

OS 4.0

i dunno if it's because it just takes a long time always, or if it's because half of the world is currently doing this update-- but i have been "backing up" for right at an hour so far. i heard it took someone else 3-4 hours, so i guess i'm on track, but this is no fun. well, it could be fun. i could set my computer down and do something else, but i can't stop checking that green bar.

here's to hoping OS 4.0 is worth this!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

spaghetti casserole

make a big pot of spaghetti noodles.
brown ground beef with diced onions.
add to the beef/onions: tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, all sorts of garlic and seasonings to make spaghetti sauce.
mix the spaghetti noodles in with the sauce.

in a 13x9 pan, fill it halfway with the spaghetti mixture. top with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. cover with the remainder of the spaghetti mixture, then more cheese.

(optional step: freeze! so wonderful to do this on the weekend when you have time to cook, then just put it in the oven when you get home from work some day)

i froze mine. so i took it out of the freezer two days ago and it sat in the fridge to thaw. then i had it in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes. if i redid it, i'd have put it at about 375 or 400, or increase the time to just over an hour.

it was delicious!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

good to know

did you know...

when you carry a plant on any sort of public transportation...

people smile.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

let's talk about the word

i'd like to talk to you about the bible.
and this just may turn into a preach-y post. i won't be offended if you choose to leave now. but if you decide to stay, i promise we'll end up having some fun. we usually do, don't we?

(insert elevator music here)

okay. for those of you still with me, let's go.

i read some form of the bible daily. this does not mean i'm better than you; actually it means quite the opposite. some days, it's just out of habit and i don't get much out of it. for example, i will read my daily devotional email right after i get to my desk and am mentally planning all the things i have to do that day. or i read my one-year journal right before bed just because it's sitting beside my bed. honestly, that's just habit. i don't get much out of it.

but other times, i read the bible. i absorb it. i pretend i'm watching it as a film. i put myself in peter's shoes. i pretend i'm right there with paul while he's writing a letter. i try to get inside their heads. sometimes, i am the bible story.

when i get that devoted to reading, to comprehending, to getting more out of it, it changes my whole life. it affects the way i interact with chris, what i do with my spare time, even what i eat for dinner. it makes me want to be proactive, positive, and purposeful. it makes me want to be a good daughter, and a great wife. it makes me want to care for others more than they care for me-- in spite of the way they act towards me.

when i don't read the bible this intensely, it doesn't affect me. well, what i mean is, it doesn't directly affect my life. i go on living, being who i am (albeit, a more cynical, sarcastic version of who i am), and i continue on. but i'm not happy. not that i'm entirely unhappy, but i notice the unhappy things more. if you read my last post, you'll get a good example of that. i have a shorter fuse, am generally grouchier, and just don't give people any more than i feel they deserve.

but when i do, oh, when i do, life is grand. things fall in place. people smile more. i eat healthier and take better care of my body. chris is a better fiance. mom is more patient. even my dog is sweeter. now this may sound wrong, but it's because of me. all those "changes" in people come from me. not that the world revolves around me and i can change the way people are, but when i immerse myself in the word of god, i see the good and ignore the bad. i begin to live my life just a tad more christ-like. i give people the benefit of the doubt, and my seat on the bus.

so, please. if you're a christian, read your bible. read it more intensely than you already do. read it for what you get out of it, not because you're supposed to.

if you're not a christian, consider becoming one. consider claiming the god who made the universe to be yours. consider claiming your spot in heaven simply by proclaiming that you believe jesus died for your sins. consider closing the chasm that separates you from god by accepting him as the loving father he so longs to be for you. need more information? here's some links.

Monday, June 14, 2010

the unexpected.

i underestimate people. i judge people based on a look they give, or the way they dress, or the way they smell, or their hairstyle. i am surprised when they act in a way i don't expect them to.

example 1
on the bus last week, there was an old woman who looked so crotchety and mean. she was actually glaring at one lady- my guess is because the lady had a nice body and felt the need to show it in what she was wearing (trust me, if i looked like her, i'd be wearing similar clothes. they were tasteful, but clingy in all the right places). the old woman openly glared at her, even when the younger lady made eye contact.
when we go to the transfer station, the old lady got off the bus first, then the young lady, then me. as this really old, frail woman made her way to the curb, the young lady offered her arm to help the old woman down the curb, across the street, and up the curb on the other side.
if an old woman was glaring at me, even for no reason, if she was just mean-looking, i probably would not help her across the street. and that's horrible of me.

example 2
this morning at the bus stop, there was a guy who, for lack of better description, looked like a hoodlum. baggy pants, ripped t-shirt, smoking one of those thin cigars. when the bus came up, i grabbed for my bus pass, and a credit card fell out of my wallet. the man jumped to get it-- and i thought i'd just lost a credit card. he handed it back to me. simple enough, but there's more. when we're getting on the bus, i was right before him, and he was the last one to get on. when he's almost getting on, he saw a blind man who was sitting on the bench and asked him if he was waiting for the 44 (our bus). he was, so the man helped him get on our bus.

example 3
i met kyle and tasha (friends of chris) just twice. once at their house, and once we all went out to dinner then to the arcade. i love them both. tasha and i both like the twilight series, and being crafty, and i'm so upset that we live so far apart. anyways, we called them to ask if their older daughter could be our flower girl. i started talking to tasha about favors, and she offered to make them. she. offered. to. make. them. i've met the girl twice, and she's making my wedding favors. i love this.

so, this post ends up being a sort of self-examination. as hard as it is to admit it, there are people who i judge before i know them. judge a book by its cover, if you will. and this for all my talk about being fair, and not being prejudiced or anything. turns out, i have prejudice of a different kind. this stuff shouldn't surprise me.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

*more* freebies!

old spice odor blocker (for chris. but don't take it the wrong way. he doesn't stink. it's just free body wash! yay!). and some shampoo stuff. i think it's john frieda? super.

white strips. one set. so, i dont' know what good one set of whitestrips will do me, but imma use them anyways. especially with wedding photos looming in my future. bright white smiles mean happiness and health, ya know? well, i made that up. but they look good in photographs.

awesome. a full size razor. and apparently it's a really good one. battery operated? i don't get that. but dude. this retails for like, $10 or something. sweet.

this photo's for my mom. who labeled me a non-modest person for posting something she considered inappropriate on my facebook photos. in any case, i received a sample of lotion and tampons something personal.

aren't freebies great? i hope you followed the instructions i posted on my earlier post and are getting your own freebies in the mail!

Friday, June 11, 2010

some wedding planning things

i've been doing awesome.
there's still 57 days until the wedding, but things are coming along so nicely.

here's an update:

should be made by the end of june, shipped here beginning of july for my fitting.

picked out flavors, will have a tasting first week of july.

chris' tux
yeah. still waiting.

plane ticket
we're flying chris' mom in for the wedding. i have to put my half of the money towards it and purchase it beginning of july.

checked out lots in the downtown area. the hyatt regency seems to have the best deal for the money-- even has an "amour" package- with champagne, strawberries, breakfast, and late check out. we'll probably pick that one.
**EDIT: chris just reserved our room! one more thing to mark off the to-do list**

mom's taking care of this! i think she's doing it end of june? then she'll ship them all to me.

god bless tasha for offering to make the boxes. and mom's probably going to make some goodies to go in them, and ship them to me also, or bring them when she comes in town.

again, god bless friends. sarah [and zack] are hosting our co-ed wedding shower. vegas theme, baby. can't wait! it'll be on july 24, so mark your calendars now!

i'm probably forgetting to list something, but oh, well! things are going so perfectly so far!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


quilt top.
rosemary focaccia bread.
something on the grill.
pack up the back bedroom.
sweep and mom the floors.
visit a friend in keller.
buy hairspray.

sex and the city 2.
knight and day. (date night, perhaps?)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the kissing disease

it's going around.
two people in my office have it.
i don't have it.
i also don't have an immune system. well, i don't have a good one.
so i'm REALLY hoping i don't get sick. i can't afford to miss a week-plus of work.

(i don't own this picture. kbroglio on photobucket does.)

Monday, June 7, 2010

fit by twitter

I just posted a "back on the wagon" post over at the fit by twitter blog.
check it out here.

Friday, June 4, 2010

what a BEAUTIFUL day

right? i mean, it IS friday.

plus i drove to work today. since i take the train every day, this is a nice break. it's neat to have that freedom of having your car with you. not so nice to pay for the gas, mind you, but worth it today, because we're going to a baseball game right after work! so excited. hot dogs, nachos, and beer have been calling my name all week ever since i found out we're going!

because i drove this morning, and i picked up chris, we stopped at starbucks for a nice coffee and breakfast since we were really early. don't worry. my breakfast was dark cherries with fat-free yogurt and a sprinkling of granola. and it was deliciously healthy.

tomorrow and sunday, we have very little plans. which is nice. we'll go get my ring sized (YESSSS! no more taking it off in the shower because i'm scared it'll fall off!) and hopefully get chris' iphone fixed. his will freeze all the time and it gets so annoying. it is a problem they have sometimes, so he'll get a new one if they can't fix it, cause luckily it's been less than a year that he's had this one.

i might make a good dinner on sunday. i've been in the mood for homemade pizza. or soup in bread bowls, but it's a little warm to do the soup. what? you don't like hot soup when it's 102 outside? yeah, me neither. i'd also like to sweep and mop the house. and maybe wash my car in the yard (singing: my car wash brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like... wait, wrong song).

did i tell you i mailed out my wedding invites yesterday morning? of course not, cause i didn't blog yesterday. well, i did.

i had so much fun last night getting freebies. thing is, i'd registered for as many as i could get from the ones i find easily. so what did i do? start registering others! leann, mom, dad, and rio should be watching their mailboxes to see goodies come in the next 4-6 weeks :-)

wow. this post was allovertheplace. forgive me, but it's such a beautiful day, i didn't feel like organizing my thoughts before jotting them down!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


i crave me some roasted garlic after this post. but i want to use it on french bread with basil and tomatoes. like a sort of bruschetta (why is that word underlined in red squiggly? it's correct).

i want some of the ice cream we would get when we visited gramma sandrick thanks to this post. it looks JUST like what we had there. and i'd completely forgotten about it until i saw this.

i want to spontaneously go on a weekend trip after reading this. scratch that. i want to have the *means* to spontaneously go on a weekend trip. Chris and i would do it if we could afford things like, well, gas.

i REALLY want homemade pizza after seeing this scrumptious post. wow. um, wow. wait! wouldn't the roasted garlic go wonderfully on that pizza? yesss!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1

Happy June 1st!

Some things about today:

* National Cancer Survivors Day

* Kentucky became the 15th state of the US in 1792

* Linus' security blanket debuted in the Peanuts comic strip in 1954

* 46 days until I move

* 67 days until I get married!

* 207 days until Christmas

* Marilyn Monroe's birthday