Wednesday, June 2, 2010


i crave me some roasted garlic after this post. but i want to use it on french bread with basil and tomatoes. like a sort of bruschetta (why is that word underlined in red squiggly? it's correct).

i want some of the ice cream we would get when we visited gramma sandrick thanks to this post. it looks JUST like what we had there. and i'd completely forgotten about it until i saw this.

i want to spontaneously go on a weekend trip after reading this. scratch that. i want to have the *means* to spontaneously go on a weekend trip. Chris and i would do it if we could afford things like, well, gas.

i REALLY want homemade pizza after seeing this scrumptious post. wow. um, wow. wait! wouldn't the roasted garlic go wonderfully on that pizza? yesss!


  1. When we are married, plan on spontaneous trips fairly often. Promise. :)

  2. Those kind of trips are the BEST!


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