Tuesday, June 15, 2010

let's talk about the word

i'd like to talk to you about the bible.
and this just may turn into a preach-y post. i won't be offended if you choose to leave now. but if you decide to stay, i promise we'll end up having some fun. we usually do, don't we?

(insert elevator music here)

okay. for those of you still with me, let's go.

i read some form of the bible daily. this does not mean i'm better than you; actually it means quite the opposite. some days, it's just out of habit and i don't get much out of it. for example, i will read my daily devotional email right after i get to my desk and am mentally planning all the things i have to do that day. or i read my one-year journal right before bed just because it's sitting beside my bed. honestly, that's just habit. i don't get much out of it.

but other times, i read the bible. i absorb it. i pretend i'm watching it as a film. i put myself in peter's shoes. i pretend i'm right there with paul while he's writing a letter. i try to get inside their heads. sometimes, i am the bible story.

when i get that devoted to reading, to comprehending, to getting more out of it, it changes my whole life. it affects the way i interact with chris, what i do with my spare time, even what i eat for dinner. it makes me want to be proactive, positive, and purposeful. it makes me want to be a good daughter, and a great wife. it makes me want to care for others more than they care for me-- in spite of the way they act towards me.

when i don't read the bible this intensely, it doesn't affect me. well, what i mean is, it doesn't directly affect my life. i go on living, being who i am (albeit, a more cynical, sarcastic version of who i am), and i continue on. but i'm not happy. not that i'm entirely unhappy, but i notice the unhappy things more. if you read my last post, you'll get a good example of that. i have a shorter fuse, am generally grouchier, and just don't give people any more than i feel they deserve.

but when i do, oh, when i do, life is grand. things fall in place. people smile more. i eat healthier and take better care of my body. chris is a better fiance. mom is more patient. even my dog is sweeter. now this may sound wrong, but it's because of me. all those "changes" in people come from me. not that the world revolves around me and i can change the way people are, but when i immerse myself in the word of god, i see the good and ignore the bad. i begin to live my life just a tad more christ-like. i give people the benefit of the doubt, and my seat on the bus.

so, please. if you're a christian, read your bible. read it more intensely than you already do. read it for what you get out of it, not because you're supposed to.

if you're not a christian, consider becoming one. consider claiming the god who made the universe to be yours. consider claiming your spot in heaven simply by proclaiming that you believe jesus died for your sins. consider closing the chasm that separates you from god by accepting him as the loving father he so longs to be for you. need more information? here's some links.


  1. I should be reading my Bible instead of reading your blog. Hehe.

    But, really, I like this post more than yesterday's.

  2. Slam dunk! Proud of you babe. :-) It's so true. If only I could have this frame of thought all the time. Thanks for the reminder of the simple truth.

  3. I can attest to the fact that the more "involved" Bible reading you do, the better you feel. About everything. Things have been so wacky since the first of the year, I hate to admit my involved reading has been almost non-existent. I think about it every day, but somehow I wind up letting it go most days. Maybe when things go back into a normal routine, I will be able to buckle down again.
    Great post Erin.


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