Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a mehndi celebration

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a mehndi celebration for the wedding of a coworker's son last night. The invite said it started at 5:30, and we showed up at around 6 due to traffic-- thinking we'd be some of the last ones there. We were some of the first ones there! I went with two other girls from work also. We got there shortly after the mehndi artists got there-- so first things first, we got our hands tattooed!

sat on the floor and the artist whipped this out in just a few minutes. really. took her maybe two mins.

then we sat around a bit while it dried. then we ate. there was so much food! chickpea and potato casserole thing, barbecue chicken and beef, hummus with bread and pitas, and triangle-shaped eggroll things with ground beef in them. lots of sauces. almond milk that was literally almonds ground up in 2% milk.

we couldn't stay late because we had to come to work the next day-- but people only really started showing up around 8. rumor has it the "real" party doesn't start until 9:30, and they dance and party until 2am! wish i'd been able to see that, but i did get great food and great conversations, and a neat henna tattoo out of it. it was fun!

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  1. My sister and I got henna tatoos on our ankles one year at Six Flags in Chicago. I loved it and wished I could do it more.


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